Zero to Sixty

Posted: October 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yeahhhhh. Is it just  me or do I have a slight tendency to go from zero to sixty with nothing in between??

My last move was loaded, locked and moved 1000km away in less than 24 hours…

Now I’ve been all over NB and back in the last three weeks. It’s been a bit crazy.

While Wednesday night was sort of like my “try out”…. it also was my first night of work. Thursday I was back in Saint John, family dinner, blah blah blah.

Friday morning I was up early, off to the gym for legs (ouch) and cardio (ugh)

ring 022

Like I said earlier, when everything is lining up in my life, so do my workouts. I wasn’t planning on hard cardio but I felt like mentally I needed it… and I did it. Even in the most inappropriate capris. They show everything. If you think knee sweat is bad…

ring 023

I had some rocking booty sweat going on… and have zero shame in showing the world.

Clearly I don’t have issues with my butt.


After the gym I had a shower, did some laundry, threw my clothes in a bag and hit the road. I had some tire issues so I had to stop and get that fixed and then it was off to Moncton…. Again.

After detours and road closures due to stupid construction (UGH!) i made it to my Friday night school. As soon as the truck arrived it was go go go getting all the equipment unloaded and set up in the gym. This is a new construction school and pretty much a ginormous pain for the load, but at least we’re there friday and saturday so there is no tear down needed Friday night.

I’ll accept that!

Everything is SO busy with work the time really flies. I didn’t have a class so it was just talking with the boss, paperwork, figuring everything out and checking out the scene. It’s all a little overwhelming since well…. clearly my gymnastics background is limited and I haven’t coached anything in years so it’s going to be tough getting comfortable SUPER fast… but I’m sure I’ll manage.

ring 035

Thankfully like I said there was no load into a gym this morning, so I arrived at about 8:20 and got myself let into the building to get myself situated. Name tags for the kids, paper work, sign in sheets… all the fun stuff. Once the first two classes arrived were checked in/off to workout I had a few minutes to breath before my class got there.

I had my breakfast before starting and thankfully the glue like OOIAJ held me over and the coffee perked me up. Coffee always makes it better.

My class was pretty painless, 45 minutes of 18month-3 year olds. It’s parents accompanied so really there is a lot of help and wrangling done by the parents themselves… especially this morning with a few very shy kids who wanted NOTHING to do with me or my boss.

The rest of the time is shaking hands, answering questions…. checking it all out. Then the fun part started and we loaded up the gym back in the truck. Thankfully there was an overhang on the doorway so we avoided the rain… but still got pretty sweaty anyway since it was a pain.

I think the best part of this job is the whole… lululemon pants and barefeet thing. I don’t know how I’ve managed this but I have NEVER had a job that required me to dress up/be anything but a bum and I kind of like it!

ANYWAY…. it’s a little crazy, heading out to check out the goodlife gym here soon, hit up the mall and see what’s going on tonight. On sunday’s it’s a law in the school district here no one can be in a school until noon so yay for sleep in! AND I actually have a driver and a loader tomorrow so it should be smooth sailing.

…. Or I hope since my boss isn’t coming. I’ll have another coordinator to help me out from Fredericton, but the show goes on and here goes nothing.

Happy Saturday!

  1. kathleen says:

    Memories. I was a gymnast for most of my childhood. One of the couches actually started a travelling gym. But everything (obstacle course) was in the bus so no set up and tear down. It didn’t do so hot in FL. I think they are much more popular up north. Anywho, coaching is a lot of fun and you’ll get comfortable soon

    As far as dress code. I did notice no one dressed up at all in south florida whereas everyone dressed up in boston. No matter what you did.

    Would you ever want to “coach” or do macros for your own clients one day? Be a personal trainer or what are your more distant goals / dream career?

  2. Sarah says:

    Sounds like a crazy time, I know you will make your way with this all soon and be comfotable with it! So glad that things are going well and that your are in the midst of setteling down (hopefully) soon!

    OOIAJ&coffee, totally breakfast of champions.

  3. Any sort of coffee makes everything better and is essental for breakfast of champions. I feel like you will be the only person to truly understand this situation. Yesterday, I went to the gas station on 3 separate occasions to get coffee. YES. 3x. Thank god the same people weren’t working.

  4. Dotsie says:

    😀 here’s to new adventures! I dream of a day I can dress like a bum for work!

  5. Your sweaty butt picture reminds me of a girl I saw at the gym yesterday. She had on neon green cotton shorts. Her butt was completely soaked. I was wondering if she had looked in a mirror…surely she could feel it, right? Definitely not good shorts to wear in public. (And she didn’t have a booty anyone wanted to see.) Not that anyone would want to see my sweaty booty either!

  6. klh says:

    Congrats on your new job…sounds like itll be fun! And you get to stay busy which I would love!

    Katie : )

  7. Gotta love the butt sweat! I had like bootay sweat @ the gym today…uh…yeah…ew. Grey pants + a$$ sweat = nasty. whatevs. it happens.

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