1978 Kilometers

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have to say how happy it makes me that SO MANY of you are with me on my dirty little confession this morning. Cookies and frosting FTW!


My rest day has been coming mid week lately depending on my schedule. Cheat meals on Saturdays.

This Saturday? … Um… I actually under ate my macros… Sunday too.

I know? Who am I?! I was still up there… but under.

Oh… and to relieve stress and get myself moving I’ve been doing extra cardio. Usually very light, just walking on the treadmill on an incline… but still more than I should be doing.



That’s right. In ten days, that is the distance I’ve put on the car.

I got back to the city just in time to grab mom from work yesterday at four. I had spent the entire day in the car driving all over my new city marketing for work. I was cramped, cranky and over it.

My plan was to cook dinner, chill, then hit the gym for legs.

Want to know what I did instead?

camping 038

While mom was driving around (like I said, over it) running a few errands I put out a tweet regarding my mileage…. which was met with a response from Gillian.

Are you back in SJ?! Pumpkin Patch tonight?!


Mom, and I came home, i bbq’d us some burgers, mixed some broccoli slaw, had a few chips and moose munch with dinner. That stuff is addicting (… and gone)

ring 017

My brother was going to help dad out at work, so he delivered the family to the house and we headed off to the Pumpkin Patch.

The one closest to the house closes Monday so ice cream choices are slim pickings. The above photo is sadly recycled, but I tried out the “birthday cake” flavor which had chunks of cake, blue frosting and… a boat load of sprinkles. Totally right up my alley and totally heaven. I ate that up big time.

Got home… and never left. I totally bummed out. My body ached, my head ached, everything was just over.

5:45 this morning my alarm went off. I shut it off, curled back up with you know who and mumbled that no, I was not getting up when mom asked if I was driving her.

Welcome back to the world at… 9:30. OMG. That was so weird, but clearly needed. I had a lot of reading and paper work stuff to do for work.

When I said the best part of my job was being able to wear yoga pants I lied. The best part is sitting at home working in my pjs, hoodie and with a vat of coffee next to me and Top Gun on the tv.

I am currently drinking coffee and waiting for mom to get home from work. I debated on taking another rest day, but I know I’ll feel better if I just go. Getting out of the habit is not something I can handle, it’s really just forcing myself at this point. I know once I get there I’ll be more than good to go. ‘

So deadlifts will be had. Fun fun fun. 190 today perhaps?! I think so.

How do you feel about unplanned rest days?

Driving? Love it? hate it?

  1. Sometimes an unplanned rest day is exactly what you need. It can charge you up to get back to the routine 150%.

  2. Kristy says:

    Unplanned rest day for me today – bliss! I log an average of 1000kms/week between commuting and erands over the weekend so I feel ya (although 1900+ is way more, obviously). It almost hurts to drive sometimes, and those are the times I hand over the wheel to the first person I can. Allow random friends to drive my car? People I’ve only known a week? All the time! ugh!

    Enjoy those deadlifts!

  3. Hey sometimes you just need to crash out!! It happens 🙂 and a couple of rest days definitely won’t totally knock you off the wagon — look at what you’ve accomplished for the past several years girl!

  4. Ann says:

    Enjoy your rest day….I love when they happen!

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