Three Things… For Thursday

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

… Is it really Thursday?! I am SO out of place. It really doesn’t help my “weekend” is Monday/Tuesday. eek!

Since I’m a scatterbrain… with good intentions of writing some big posts coming up I swear… I give you three things for Thursday.

1: Tuesday was my off day from the gym.

I left the house at 6:15, dropped mom at work, washed 6 of the ten layers of dirt off the car, picked up Elisa, picked up coffee and headed to Moncton.


We shopped, we talked, we checked out my new digs and dropped my crap off…. headed downtown and got some lunch. Um yeah, we all know my love for bacon cheeseburgers… hold the bun, bring the fries. Well I have found my Moncton place. For a grand total of 12$ I got an amazing burger and the best fries. No, not sweet potato fries…  but basket weave style ones with tons of garlicy delicious spices. Yum.

…. But I digress

After getting back to Saint John and dropping off Elisa, I picked up some things at Staples and the grocery store, picked up mom and then we headed out to KV to pick up the Saint John work truck and head home. After eating I KNEW that Wednesday there was no logical way I was going to be able to get to the gym, unless I got up at 3am, and well, not going to happen especially during offseason.

I was temped to just get up and go, but it should have been either a back day or a shoulder day…. both were incredibly sore. I loath cardio at night so that would suck… so I simply sat at home, watched tv, did some work and never thought anything of it.

With that being said I am SO ready to finish this blog, finish my payroll and hit the gym here. New gym excitement after TWO full days off? Sign this girl up!

feb 16

2: Ummm… what goes best with training? Proper food right? Yeah… how about that.

Yesterday: 5:45am… 1 egg, 1 white, whole wheat english muffin

Yesterday: 2:30pm…. Greek yogurt, pp, 1 white chocolate cookie, special k crisp bar

Yesterday 8:30pm… small honeycrisp apple

Yesterday: 10pm… 100g sliced turkey, cabbage mixed with mustard

Yeah. That’s not going to fly.

My fridge is scary…

photo (2)

I do have a bit of a dry food stock pile going on though

photo (1)  as well as some rice cakes, english muffins, protein powders, etc etc.

It’s not much, but until things calm down I will be eating… oddly. But I’m making it my goal to fit in my macros. While yes I’m non-actively trying to drop fat while in offseason, I am not trying to drop mass and fat in a week.

Skinny fat is NOT this girl’s goal!

3: This one is pretty self explanatory

aug 23 001
I missed my Fritz last night curled up by my feet. 😦

Hopefully the parentals are being nice to him.. you know, giving him the half empty tuna cans and indulging his retarded side.


Happy Thursday everyone!

  1. Ha your day sounds exactly like mine. I’m really glad you said the word parentals or typed. Everyone judges me for that one

  2. Jess says:

    You need to eat more girlfriend! I need to go shopping too. Dinners are sad around here.

  3. Your fridge is so sad 😦 The mom in me wants to take you shopping LOL!!! Have a great weekend 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    Sweet deal on the laptop sleeve! Rough fridge going on there, I hope it gets fully stocked with yummy good soon 🙂

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