Swearing Off Work

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

When I went to bed last night I said I was going to work today.

…. and tomorrow.

I was going to make excel sheets, make phone calls, plan my week.

Instead… I had my lazy morning, grabbed a cup of coffee and flipped through the paper… had my pre workout PB cup (still loving this) and hit the gym for back and shoulders.

photo (3)

Since I killed an hour sitting drinking my coffee the gym was just clearing out of the downtown 9-5ers doing the lunch hour thing. On more than one occasion I found myself alone in the dungeon of a free weight room. Clearly I entertain myself.

… mostly by observing a man I have dubbed the wolverine in my head. Hairiest shoulders EVER…. long ratty pony tail… and not only a grunter… but a chanting/holler at himself workerouter.


I managed 15 minutes of cardio before I got bored and hit the bus to the mall (… where I ever so conveniently transfer!). I wandered quickly through American Eagle (bubblegum pink jeggings?! 10$ off?! … tempted) and H&M, grabbed some honeycrisps and veggies and grabbed my bus home… where I have layed in bed… All afternoon.

I watched all four episodes of Two Broke Girls and have now started on season two of 90210. I am cozy, content and not even sure where my work phone is or if the battery is even still charged.


Tomorrow I probably will work a few hours… but I also will go to the gym… and probably to check out the massive old navy sale going on. Becca’s got a pay check again and looking to indulge myself for 50-70$ just because I can.

Since I’m planning on spending I know I won’t, but hey, why not browse?!

Until tomorrow… when I have some kind of odd thoughts about the noon hour body types at my gym vs my off season body (see above…) have a good night everyone!

  1. Merina Paton says:

    Did you ever let us know why you eat the PB cup before working out?

  2. Old Navy sale?! Sounds like a good way to reward yourself for employment 😉

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