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Posted: October 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Remember how a few months ago I was talking about doing a 5miler or a 10k race sometime this fall just to keep my cardio up?

… And then remember how I (again) stated I hate running and thought it was a stupid goal and I wasn’t going to do it for money/time/hatred reasons.

july 2 003

My cardio lately  has been the usual anti running stuff. Stepmill, incline power walking, a bit of upright bike. In my defense it’s off season and well, I’m at least DOING cardio right?!

Today I hit the gym for shoulders…. and 20 minutes of incline power walking. I was on a time crunch and that honestly kicked me into high gear, hello endorphins! At 1:45 I grabbed a cab to storage, hopped in the work truck and headed off to pick up my boss. After a snafu with having to drive all the way back to her place and a stop at Staples/Costco we were off for Sussex.

In the almost two hours of driving we did over town/highway we did the work talk. This, that, blah blah blah. Lots of big things coming up and LOTS to do, but hey, no biggie right?!

Then eventually the talk turned to normal stuff, chit chatting about families, boys, life, gym, etc etc. I mentioned how all my previous runs I just you know… got up and ran them, I didn’t actually train like a normal/sane person.


She is actually running the Rock and Roll half in Vegas and is doing a 10k sunday morning as a fundraiser type deal for Literacy… or something like that. So you know, that business woman lightbulb goes off in her head!

Run with me Becca!

…. Okay! Why not!

Um yeah, how about I’m totally not ready!?

But hello, when am I ever ready. Physically I AM capable of doing it, I think mentally it will be good for me. It’s only a 40$ entry, there is a cool sounding expo Saturday afternoon and I’ll be able to run to the gym and shower afterwards before  heading off to work. Sounds easy enough right?

Major bonus points with the boss and two days off to recover? Yeah. In the bag.

So hey! Sunday morning 10K. How hard can it be!?

Have you ever run a race with zero plan/training and not died?! Please give me hope!

  1. Holy crap, you are hardcore!!! I’ve never run a race, so I’ll just wish you luck! Have fun!!!

  2. Holly says:

    I’ve never run a race with at least doing some running, but in July I ran a 10k and I hadn’t run outside in 3 months. I live in a VERY Hilly town in Virginia and let’s just say between the hills and heat it was not a good race! Good luck! You have nice temperatures on your side!

  3. You’ll be totally fine – you’re in kickass shape and have done a ton of cardio.

    I once did a triathlon – my first – on 5 days notice.

  4. My very first running race ever. I ran a 5k with no prior training or anything. and then I did well and loved running and ran more now and blah blah blah blah and this is my life. That is all lolz.

  5. Kerryne says:

    You will be fine. I once ran a half on a days notice. My friends were doing it and one couldn’t, it was paid for and the other friend BEGGED me to do it with her. I was just starting comp prep the next week and hadn’t done any cardio in oh… probably a couple of months. I hate to run, but I did it, it was painful… but I had fun and did another one last summer without real training. Your in good shape, i am sure you will do great!

  6. Lisa says:

    HAHA, go girl! Did you read my race recap from last weekend? Yea, last week I told my hubby, hey, you should run that 1/2 marathon next weekend. Mind you, he runs 8-10 miles 5 days a week, so I know he could do it easily. He wasn’t sure he wanted to, blah blah. So I said, well you know, if we had a sitter, I would just do it with you (thinking in my head, yea, we won’t find one, so this is a good thought!) Well, we found one. And we wound up running a half marathon last Sunday. Great times. I had NO training, except for a few 6 mile runs on the treadmil. 10k though, you could do that easy!

  7. I surely think you can do it, but I’d just want some time after the race to relax. That may be the hard part. You’re tough though- just take it easy if you need to, you don’t want to injure yourself!

  8. kathleen says:

    I ran a half marathon without having even walked fast for a month. Wouldn’t do it again. But I think 5ks and 10ks are doable without training especially if you have been doing cardiovascular

  9. Valkyrie says:

    Yah. I had just gotten posted to Edmonton and my boss ordered me to run the Mountain Man race. It’s a 32km ruck run with a 15kg ruck, followed by a 3.6km portage with a 70lb canoe (which i dropped on my head), then a 10km paddle in your canoe, ending with a 5.6km ruck run. The other guys trained for 4 months. I did it cold..worst 8:48 hrs of my life, but i felt so awesome and proud of myself at the end. 🙂

  10. Sarah says:

    You totally have this one in the bag! Don’t even sweat it Becca 🙂

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