How Does That Work?

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I trained legs.

I was completely expecting it to suck after Sunday’s run.

My new gym has a different leg press from my old gym…. and honestly, I hate it. Like really really don’t like it one bit. For some reason I can’t get comfortable, pressing always feels awkward so I when I walked in and saw the (ONE?!?!?) squat rack taken I decided to give it another shot.

Yup, that totally sucked. I really wanted to give up and walk out at that point, but the squat rack was free so I decided to give it a shot.

Straight leg deadlifts and squats I’ve been kind of stuck on weight lately. Mentally, physically, whatever the issue I was stuck.

I put my seemingly set DL weight on the bar and um… it was easy. Like SUPER easy. I added 20lbs and tried again. Still easy. Added another 20lbs… perfect.


Same deal with deep squats.

It made no sense to me in the least. Like super confused, but happy. Maybe my mental block is done, maybe my race gave me a better mind set.

…. or maybe it was knowing I’m now just over TWENTY FIVE WEEKS OUT.

Um yeah, normally I’d be dieting right now.

oct 006

I know I’m leaning out, it’s obvious to me (maybe not anyone else) but is it prep leaning out? Ugh.

We shall see!

Do you ever have a great workout after a tough run/cardio/day?

  1. I think this happens a lot – you get increased blood flow to your muscles and they can then perform better. Last week, as the last prep week for a marathon in 18 days (not counting, really), I did 1 hour swim/1 hour run immediately after on Friday, 1 hour swim/1 hour bike immediately after on Saturday, and then ran 21 miles on Sunday…it was my longest run of training and also one of my fastest paced. Go figure.

    Or, maybe the “I’m tired” mental block is what makes the day after a hard workout, well, hard. Not sure.

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