The Return of WIAW

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Uncategorized


So I’m finally having the time to sit down and write a WIAW post thanks to Jenn @ Peas and Crayons.

Truthfully, living with a mini fridge, on the road, out of a gym bag and with little kitchen access makes my meals kind of bland and boring, but alas, I finally was able to prep food for the week yesterday and work out real macros and a plan so here we go.

The return of EGGS….

oct 006

Eggs were starting to become a “treat”. For someone who often makes eggs three times a day in some form this was not ok. At all. So now I got creative for my lifestyle and living situation.

So how do I do it? Big pot, at least a full dozen. Bam. Done. I eat them cold. I have no shame.


oct 007

While I do prefer my yolks a little runny, when you’re popping them out of 75% of the ones you eat it doesn’t really work. So I add a splash of maple syrup and go to town. I can’t complain, I like them cold. Freak. Yes, yes I know.

oct 008

Sometimes (like on my weekend) I get fancy and microwave them instead. If you leave the full egg out for the first minute and thirty or so and then add it you totally get a runny yolk. Hello goodness.

The continuation of tuna on rice cakes….

oct 011

I really don’t think this will ever get old. Especially with…

The new spice in town….

oct 014

I bought some preseasoned lean burgers one day for mom and I at Sobey’s. Mequite BBQ. Um Yum. I was in heaven…. and then I found this at Costco. Adding this to a little BBQ sauce and mustard in my tuna has made a fantastic switch up.

I also shake it on my broccoli slaw, on chicken, on beef… really on anything. Yes, it’s that good.

Makeshift crock pot chicken….

race 021

I’m truly a chicken snob and really only eat it cooked in the crock pot at home. Well, my crockpot is 150K away in a box in my parents garage. I wanted to cook chicken, fast, easy and with minimal dishes. Enter tin foil.

Double layer of foil, chicken, spices (see above), a splash of salsa. Pop it in the over at 350 for…. I think it was about 30-35 minutes and bam. Done.

The smell was amazing. Still haven’t tried it, but it will be amazing with my sweet potato this afternoon. Yum yum.

Cheat Meal… or lack there of…

Umm… I’ve been kind of bad about having a real cheat meal… being back on my macros, back consistently in the gym, commuting, having a physical job yeah…. I’ve been losing weight. Yes, that’s the goal, but I think it’s a bit fast.

With prep approaching I need to be smart. So yesterday I had time to kill at the mall… and there is one place ALWAYS tempting me and calling my name. For once I decided to give in.

race 019

Wayyyyy back in high school… when my hometown actually HAD a pretzel maker I worked in the mall. One of my coworkers got me addicted to cinnamon sugar pretzels with caramel to dip. Um yeah, perfection. So while i was thinking chocolate, I went tried and true.

      race 020  

Yup… worth every single warm amazing bite waiting for my bus.

What do you like to eat on the road?!

  1. It looks like you’re making due with what you have available to you but you do what you gotta do right? Now you only have a mini-fridge because you’re in temporary housing, right? Any idea when you’ll be finding more permanent housing?

  2. runningperspective says:

    um yummmmm you are so commited i love ittt! loveee the egg whites with some maple syrup so so so goooddd!<3

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