Officially a Maritimer… Again

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sooo… I’m kind of in my groove now.

I’ve figured out some sort of routine with the gym/work/life. I’ve kind of got people understanding if I feel rushed/stressed/like time is running out I most likely will have some form of meltdown and get cranky…. so they leave me alone or are conveniently “running ten minutes late, take your time”.

Good people I have in my life.

Thursday morning I had to be in Sussex for 9am… that’s an hour drive away (… including coffee pit stops) so I was up and out the door way too early to go pick up my work truck and hit the road.

oct 001

When I hopped off the bus and started the walk down to the storage area where I keep my truck and trailer the sun was starting to come up behind the train station. Back in March there was a very quiet and sad drive from a friend’s house to that train station. My suitcase had already been dropped off, so when we pulled in all I had was my cooler bag (vive le prep) and a jumbo purse with cozy clothes for the cold night on the train.

(FYI Via rail, heaters are great when it’s cold. You should invest)

vacay 031

I had put off going to the train station until the last possible second. Since I had my luggage checked and ticket in hand it didn’t worry me that my train was pulling into the station as we pulled into the parking lot. I remember sitting in silence in the car… and refusing to let my friend walk me in, knowing as soon as I stepped onto that platform I was going to regret wearing mascara because the tears were going to start.

That was the trip home that solidified my need to move back east. I spent the 20 hours on the train back to Montreal making budgets and lists… planning to save and move back as soon as competition season was over. I told very few people, only a few close friends knew. Even my family wasn’t aware as I wanted to have a plan in place instead of just saying “oh yeah, b-t-dubs mom, I’m moving home. Surprise!”

It took two months for me to save enough and plan enough to finally tell my mom. After that it was living on a super tight budget, cancelling one show to save money, and packing my life up in boxes.

Finally moving day arrived and I was packed up and back east within 24 hours.

aug 23 021

FUNemployment quickly turned into unemployment blues and I admit I was in a giant funk, completely unable to even get an interview in Saint John I decided to expand my search to Fredericton. When that turned up empty I decided against my better judgment to try Moncton. This quickly became successful, I had interviews, call backs and options.

…. and I found myself loving Moncton. Oddly, but hey, why not?

oct 002

November 1st marks three months since the move back to the Maritimes. My New Brunswick medicare kicks into effect and I am now officially recognized as a Maritimer. I have a great job that I absolutely love, I’m a quick bus ride home to my family, I’m exploring a new city, in a great spot with my training and cardio, meals are back on plan and macros are being tracked.

Life is good.

It wasn’t easy. Trust me. There were more days I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry that I made the biggest mistake of my life quitting my career in the city. I left behind friends, my home, my life and a bunch of old pipe dreams of creating the perfect life in the big city.

sept 019

I was home for the birth of my niece, several birthday parties, I got to go camping, ran a last minute race and so much more. I feel like I’ve lived more in the last three months than I have in the last three years. I fully admit my attention span is very short for people with no ambition and plenty of excuses anymore. Saying “but I’m too old” or “it’s hard” is so not going to fly with this chick anymore. Anything in life that’s easy isn’t worth wasting my time on. This move and total life change was the hardest, scariest thing I’ve ever done and I don’t regret one second of it.

Self doubt, self pity, loathing…. it was all there, but it was so greatly outweighed by the happy moments, the new job, new gym, family time excitement. I wish I could explain it… but there are just no words.

Today I spent all day planning for Halloween. To be able to take part in a simple little family night that I would normally miss out on was so exciting. No longer does everything have to have a big huge grand plan… it’s the little things that matter, the moments and seconds that no one else blinks at I love the most.

halloween 006

So excuse my sappiness today… but today is the day. Three months and I’m a maritimer again.

Three months and I’m finally home.

  1. I love this post 🙂 You seem so at peace! 🙂

    And dude — bring ON the sappiness 🙂 I love it. 🙂

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