Why I Don’t Run More Races

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

I think I’ve figured it out.

No really, I finally got it.

I’ve often wondered why I don’t run more races.

I mean…

I have to do cardio.

I do like a challenge

I’m a competitive person by nature.

So what gives?!

I got an email today that finally clued me in.

When I compete, even bad pictures aren’t really bad. I mean, I’ve got more makeup on that I’ve probably worn all year. My hair is did, my nails are ghetto-fied and I’m SO CLOSE to wine and chocolate there is always a smile on my face.

capclassic 045

Sure you smell really rank on show day, a drop of water ruins your tan and you’ve got a tiny bikini glued to your butt, but that’s not REALLY evident in photos…. Although I’m pretty sure anyone who has competed knows looking at photos of shows that while it looks pretty, the smell backstage… not so much.

picture 3 …. and then there is races.


Mascara running, beat red cheeks, sweat and a look of “please dear sweet baby jesus I’ll never do anything bad again if you just make the finish line 8k closer than it really is”

Picture 011

It doesn’t help my mouth is always wide open, my hair is a hot mess and I want to die…. and it shows.

I really do have good intentions. I start out looking half decent. I like to think that I really want to change my race photos each time around. I pull my hair back with a headband and tons of pins, I plan a matchy outfit… Occassionally I do a short run to “train”

Picture 001

But yeah… then it all goes downhill fast. Like really fast. And this became evident once again as the race photos from Legs for Literacy were posted this week.

It all started out good. I bought me a new headband, broke out my fancy running shirt (total sample sale purchase), caffeinated myself and was ready to make this race look good.

race 011 But then…

it was cold.

it was windy

it was 10K!

… This happened


Wait… it says “marathon photos”… do you think anyone will believe I ran a marathon!?

Yeah, doubtful.

So in conclusion… I’m sticking with the sport that makes me look good.

Okay, and feel good.

I do love slipping on my stripper shoes and hitting the stage.

Will I ever grace the blog with more unattractive Becca running photos? Who knows… but I certainly hope for your sake I dont.

Does anyone take good race photos?!

  1. lolz lolz. This made me laugh so much. You are gorgeous both off and on the stage and running photos are the worse. Oh my god. So are swimming photos when your hair is in a cap and your face is blood red because the chlorine is too high.

  2. The dreaded race photo. Seriously, no one looks good in those things. For my first half, every time I saw a camera, I just smiled REALLY big and acted like I was loving every minute. Turns out, that just made me look crazy in all of the pictures.

  3. D. says:

    Funny you posted this today. I ran my first half-marathon in September and a 10k earlier this month and for some reason I felt inclined to review the photos from both earlier this morning. In my head, I look graceful and speedy when I run. In reality, I look like I’m about to keep over and all of my blubber has migrated toward my face somehow.

    This picture pretty much sums it up http://d30opm7hsgivgh.cloudfront.net/upload/289578551_gKTBV64G_c.jpg

  4. allieksmith says:

    LOL! This post me me smile 🙂 Race photos are always… interesting for me.. I always look so strange or have my eyes closed. Ugh! 🙂

  5. Awww!!! I think you look hard core!!!! But there is something awesome about bling and stripper shoes 😉

  6. bahahahaa! That’s why I insist on pre-race pics. :p

    Because yeah- I have yet to take one acceptable race photo. And I’ve done quite a few. I’m an ugly runner…

  7. Holly says:

    I don’t pretty myself before races. I’m gonna get gross anyway so I just don’t care much. I do have a cute outfit but that’s about it. The races I do don’t have photo’s so it doesn’t matter much

  8. At least you don’t have an incriminating cellulite marathon photos! There are pictures out there of me, where I look like I’m going to cry at mile 20 of a marathon, I’m hunched over, exhausted, and my legs have more cottage cheese than Safeway!

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