Getting Past the Fear

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

I mentioned that yesterday I was in the Fredericton head office for work. While i was going stuff for my city and helping out in the office, I also had a meeting with my boss. You know… the owner of the company.

While a lot of good ideas came from this and I left feeling confident, there was also a nervous, almost sick feeling in my stomach. In the meeting we also went over numbers. Coaches, drivers, gas, rent…. you know, the not so fun stuff.

Due to circumstances that happened before I took over this position I don’t have a driver, so the guy who is driving for me comes from Fredericton, aka a lot of hours more than planned and a lot more gas money. That on top with low registration numbers means if things don’t pick up by next term (starting in January) I could be in very big trouble.

It’s scary…. but at the same time it’s exactly the challenge I was looking for when I left my old job.

Back in Montreal I was well, to put it simply, pretty damn good at my job.


Unfortunately after seven years of busting my ass it was clear that no matter how much overtime I did, how much I reduced fees and late charges and how badass the final goods were… it would never be enough. I knew there was no way I would be seen as “old enough” to move up for at least 10 years, the raises were getting smaller, the bonuses practically non existent and the work?

Yeah, it was routine. There was no challenge anymore. Yes there was problems, but i had fixed these same problems for years, it was done for me.

Moving back East meant one thing was certain for me, my time in the fashion industry was over. While I was unemployed (and unemployable) for so long I started to think that maybe I had made a huge mistake, maybe I should have stayed, stuck it out, dealt.

But no. I wanted a challenge and sudden my job showed up out of the blue. I interviewed, I auditioned, and I rocked it.

The in gym stuff is easy, I oddly love teaching my gymnastics classes, I’ve got the load in and packing the trailer down pat, my coaches are pretty good for the most part and it’s new and exciting. Yes, learning some gymnastics stuff right before my class is a challenge, but a teddy bear stand is nothing compared to the out of gym challenges.

In the meeting with my boss was sporting my usual how hard can it be attitude… and actually felt really confident when I left the office. If my boss didn’t think I could do this she wouldn’t be putting all of her eggs in my basket right?

…. but then I had a long lonely drive home and the numbers started flashing in my head. Staffing issues, interviews, meetings, in school tours. All of a sudden the doubt was kicking in. I have NO background in sales. In fact when I worked (for a summer) in telemarketing my boss told me I was so awful that if I wasn’t leaving in august he would have fired me. True story.

Self doubt and nerves consumed me… what the hell have I gotten myself into? I could have stayed at my old job in Montreal, making more money, living my life and just doing the 9-5 and that’s it. But where is the challenge in that?

I wanted a challenge. I got it. Yes it’s a lot more than I ever expected, but I’m not selling accidental death and dismemberment insurance (yes… that’s what I was selling over the phone), I’m selling and promoting something I so firmly believe in, getting kids active, having fun, learning the basic skills you can apply to so many other sports.

The whole concept of my gym is something I strongly believe in, so how hard can it really be to take that belief and sell it?

When I woke up this morning I was groggy and blah. I put on a pot of coffee, opened my planner and my email and got to work. This was it, I was going to do this, put in my time and then some, plan, plot and execute to the absolute best I can. I don’t let fear rule any other part of my life anymore, why should I suddenly let it take over my work life?

So many times leading up to shows I thought “I can’t do this”, the fear of not coming top five, letting down joe and myself, the time, the hours, the dedication. I put it all on the line to compete… why not apply that to my everyday?

So I did. And I am. I’ve got this.

… and if by some chance I don’t, at least I’ll know I put 110% into this project and there was nothing more I can do. No regrets, no fear. That’s just how it’s got to be.

  1. I have been a telemarketer in the past too and it is NOT EASY!! But “real” sales (ie selling a real service and having control over how those sales are executed — meaning, you can use different mediums, techniques, etc) is a WORLD away from phone sales. You will do SO well at this — your enthusiasm is contagious and you are a HUGELY determined, smart person!

  2. Holly says:

    I know that you will do great!

  3. Meg says:

    Amen to this, seriously. ANYTHING that you put your heart into, believe in and really go for, chances are you’ll succeed. Working hard always pays off, even if it’s not sudden.

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