Unplanned Rest

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well yesterday was a bust.

The trainer who has far too much product in his hair for before 7am finally showed up at 5:50am. Claiming the guy who was supposed to open had car trouble. But seriously…. it NEVER HAPPENS.

Color me skeptical.

Anyway, by the time the lights were on I had just enough time to shower, dry my hair, slap on some makeup… and catch my bus. So much for cardio.

After picking up my trusty work truck, a vat of coffee and filling up with gas I hit the road for Fredericton.

let me just say, most boring drive ever. You know in the movies those signs “no gas for 70km” well that actually exists on this road. There is nothing but emptiness, animals and the occasional cop for 70km. I can do without gas for 70k… but coffee? UGH! Not cool highway designers, not cool!

I got to our head office around 9:30 and worked away all day on small projects to help them out, a few things for myself and a logistics meeting with my boss when she arrived. I ate at the desk I was working at and never really stopped. I didn’t want to be there too late, so I just kept on plowing through what needed to be done.

Around 4pm I finally decided it was time to pack up and hopefully make it through the nasty stretch of highway before darkness hit. I stopped at one of the last gas stations to grab a coffee and well… instead of trying to explain how country and old some of these small towns are, I snapped a photo that I am so in love with.

halloween 033 How’s that for fancy gas stations!?

The coffee was like mud, I drank it black and then chomped on gum the rest of the way home while singing far too loudly (… and poorly) to every country station I could find. Hey, a girl needs to entertain herself right?!

I got to thinking maybe, just MAYBE, I’d hit the gym and do my cardio when I got home… but after stopping to pick up my order at Staples, dropping off the truck and walking up to grab the bus it was pushing 8pm and I was drained. I hopped on the bus home, ate my last meal and curled up to watch the Biggest Loser (… please don’t even get me started…)

I didn’t WANT to take a rest day. I was planning on doing that tomorrow, but alas I’m glad I did. My body honestly is aching and sore, my hip is bothering me again (damn you squats) and I think it was a good thing. Sometimes things just work out the way they should.

Today I plan to hit the gym for that cardio session and back/shoulders. It will be a good one. For reals.

And tomorrow… well tomorrow i fully intend to try cardio at 5am again. I am on the road all day again, with another city thrown into the mix tomorrow night so really, it’s morning or another rest day. I’m not AGAINST taking another rest day, but when I have to spend about 6-7 hours driving tomorrow I’d really like to start my day with even an easy cardio session to get the blood flowing. Otherwise it’s going to be a tough one.


How do you deal with unplanned rest days?!

Driving long distances… love it or hate it?!

  1. allieksmith says:

    Sometimes things DO just work out the way they should. . it is kinda cool 🙂
    That gas station is sooo fancy 😉 LOL! Also.. I despise long car rides.. I cannot sit still!

  2. What a lamo mc lamesauce. What that even means..I don’t know haha. Apparently I’ll just leave ridiculous comments on your blog every post. Anyways-I hate unplanned rest days. I don’t plan rest days for the very reason that I know sometimes I’ll have to take them. I think you should leave a few more complaint cards in their box and see if he gets fired. 😉

  3. I hate driving any distance so long distances are not fun for me at all! I give you props for driving that much for work!

    I’m nota fan of unplaned rest days especially if I was ready to get my workout on. But I gues they are not the worst thing that could happen in a day!

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