Catching Up Feels Good

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I finally got around to those pesky things that had eluded me last week… you know… errands.

I was up fairly early… oddly enough… I can’t sleep in, it’s a curse, what can I say? After my last pot of JavaMoose (TEAR!), breakfast and my self imposed 30 minutes only of work emails on my day off… I headed out and hopped the bus downtown.

Stop numbero uno: Superstore.

Nothing fancy, giant bag of broccoli slaw and a couple of tubs of Greek Yogurt. I used to fear their Greek yogurt because it had 3 or so more grams of carbs per serving and OH-EM-GEE that would totally screw with my macros.

Newsflash, it’s $3.99 and the Liberte brand is 5.29… We all know how pathetically cheap I am…. and how much I love my yogurt with PB Clearly I’ve switched.

may 2 016  Up next was Sobeys!

Nothing fancy, a couple of dozen eggs (On sale for $2 a dozen!), some SF maple syrup and coffee to hold me over until I get to Saint John to order more of the good stuff.

I bought the Our Compliments Brand swiss chocolate almond.

Yeah. I won’t give a review other than Meh. Totally won’t be buying it again, even in desperation. I’m drinking it… but I’m a junkie. We all know that.

oct 007

After that I was walking through the mall to hop on a bus home and I passed Glamour Secrets store/salon. Desperation took over.

“Do you do waxing?”

… yes we do!

“Can you fix my eyebrows… like… NOW?!”

… yes we can!

Thank you Glamour Secrets for making me look less manly as of 11am yesterday! Chick did an AWESOME job, it was only 8$ and I got a punch card that the 6th visit is free.

Um AWESOME?! Most places I had found online here in Moncton were charging 16-18$. Yeah, every 3-4 weeks to fix these man brows? I think not.

I hate the whole “have to tranfer all my girlie habits to a new city”. It blows. Go figure I let someone wax hair around my eyes before I trust someone with scissors around my hair. I have issues.

I had a few minutes to kill before my bus, still have a few free tea coupons for Davids so I headed in.

halloween 045

I think it was called Santa’s Secret? It was like candy cane tea on steroids. AMAZING. I will be going to buy some of this asap. I’m obviously more of a coffee lover, but this stuff rocked.

After all the running around, I hit the gym, did my workout, smooshed in 20 minutes of hard cardio and called it a day.

Last night I actually put on jeans (skinny and tight at that!) and heels and went out for a few hours. Was a nice “saturday” night out… even though it was really Monday.

I’m slowly… very slowly… beginning to meet people and hopefully find some pretty cool friends in the process. Scary thought right there!

  1. Catching up on errands really does feel good – it’s like a big weight off your back. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is shamelessly cheap in the grocery store. 😀

  2. Erin says:

    Ha ha ha….I totally get the whole “transferring girlie habits to a new city” phobia! I’ve been going to the same hair stylist for the past 15 years and even when I lived 2 hours away I would wait until I was home visiting my parents to get my hair cut just so I didn’t have to find a new stylist. Now she’s taking a leave of absence(!) and I HAD to find someone else to do my hair b/c my highlights were already looking too grown out and I couldn’t wait another month for her to come back. So I decided which friend of mine had the cutest hair and I asked for the name of her stylist and prompty booked an apt and decided to be double brave and had her cut about 3 inches off of my chin-length hair so I could try out a super sassy style. So glad I took the risk! I think I actually may keep going to her even after my stylist comes back b/c the salon is a lot closer.

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