What I Did Differently

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

This was my second “real” offseason.

Yes, I’m not sure yet if I’m competing in the spring, but with that said, I WAS planning on it and have been training like I am competing again.

Last year, my offseason was very short. I gained about 20lbs (planned), I survived the holidays, trained as hard as I could… but I wasn’t super effective and I know and admit that.

I was burnt out on training after 9 months of non-stop dieting, was ready for a break and know I didn’t make the improvements I could have if I was 100% into it. Really, it is what is was and that’s all I can say about it.

This time around I did get a bit wishy-washy post show.

Umm hello, two weeks after I stepped off stage I had a major move. The two weeks after the show I trained when I could, ate through my fridge and enjoyed my last few weeks in the city.

When I got back to New Brunswick I was unemployed,  had time to train and um… eat. I think the combination of abundance of food, heavy training and lots of rest was a great thing for me.

august 2 017 

Once I settled into a routine, both in Saint John and then after my move to Moncton I had a few simple “mini goals” in mind to make the most of my offseason.

Say goodbye to my comfort zone

Yes. I get stuck in gym ruts just like everyone else. I avoid doing certain exercises because I “don’t like them”. Well, time to lose that mindset.

I started deadlifting again (… and love it)

Walking lunges


Leg press

Bench press

Running stairs… with a plate in each hand

oct 003

I’ve gotten stronger, fuller and feel allover more badass about my training knowing just how hard I’m pushing myself. When I was in prep this year I was so excited when I was seeing definition, my veins started popping out and I just looked… strong.

Now I’m… slightly chubbier… but I still have definition in my shoulders, see my veins here and there, I just feel like I’m completely changing my body composition.


Kept up the cardio

Yes… I backed WAY off cardio, but I still did it.

Intervals, sprints, different machines.

My attention span was as short as my sessions, but I did them, I rocked them and feel like while my cardio is nowhere near as great as it was 6 months ago, I’m still able to bust out a tenk and not die… completely anyway

race 009

This all means that while I’m “out of shape” for prep-Becca… I’m not going to die if I choose to compete again.

… and well, it prevented me from getting huge. Slightly chubby is all I can handle thank you very much.

I was more macro conscious

You know… when I ate a cookie… I embraced the cookie

halloween 027

I didn’t eat 6 cookies and not write it down/acknowledge it, etc etc… If I ate a cookie, I owned it. I put it in my macros and was accountable.

I found I was able to have one small treat and move on with my planned meals.

Macros were recorded, I experimented, I ate my favorites.

I was… responsible.

Knowing this offseason was fairly long and different than last year I had to be careful and cautious… and I was.

And it paid off.

I feel great, physically, mentally, all the way.

I’m so comfortable with my body right now, even with some extra weight. I don’t feel deprived in my eating, I don’t feel stressed over cardio and training. I feel like this time around I found the balance.

That’s probably the best part of this offseason.

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  2. You look AMAZING. Seriously. Lean and strong and healthy and HAPPY which is of course the important one 😉 YAY for balance! You are rockin it!

  3. Tenecia says:

    This was very informative – thanks! I’m going to have my first “real” off-season and I’m struggling to figure out what it’s going to consist of…eek!

    Love your attitude towards training, competing, and life in general!


  4. Lisa says:

    Sounds great! Love to hear that you are comfortable in your body and happy, good for you =)

  5. And this is why you are so awesome!!!!

  6. love it!
    so glad you feel awesome about off season!
    love your attitude!
    rock on chica,rock on!!!

  7. Ann says:

    I am SO excited to hear that you are comfortable with your body! You are amazing!

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