Well That Was Awkward

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Saturday after my epic deadlift day I woke up feeling half decent. Which shouldn’t surprise me since I was up at 6am for work. I slept like garbage, but hopped out of bed to the smell of my candy cane coffee brewing.

I chowed down on some egg whites and an english muffin, threw on my work clothes and hit the road.

Work was BUSY. I had a coach doing a “try out” class (she rocks btw), two last interviews (half and half) and well, teaching my own class. Compared to last week when I only had four kids, all 7 showed up this week… plus one make up class.

Eight under 3 year olds. Oh my.

Honestly I love teaching my classes and the 45 minutes FLIES by.

After a ton of high fives, chit chatting with the parents I had a minute to breath, grab my water bottle…. and suddenly realize how SORE i was. My shoulders, arms, back, butt, legs, calves.


Sure lifting 8 toddlers up and down for 45 minutes is a workout…. so is you know.. deadlifting 200 lbs and front squatting 140.

(also a new front squat high for me btw)

I joined in on one of the other classes going on for the cooldown stretch and luckily had my two interviews while most of the heavy loading was being done (the perk of being the boss?!) so it was a light afternoon.

I had planned on going to the gym for cardio. I hit the mall while waiting for my bus transfer. Bath and Body works had a free gift, so I picked up some candles (Marshmellow peppermint. YUM) and grabbed a few other gifts killing time.

halloween 051

I had five minutes left to kill after my quick shopping trip. I wanted coffee…. but I knew it was only because I felt like I HAD to do cardio. I was sniffly and sore and over it. So I got something better.

halloween 050

Diet A&W rootbeer is like crack to me. That small cup was worth the 2.50$ I paid for it. It was amazing with my chicken (already in my belly) and sweet potato (almost mostly in my belly).

Instead of hopping off the bus at the gym (… or dairy queen like I considered) I went right home, dumped my bags, changed from yoga pants into sweat pants, grabbed a box of kleenex and proceed to curl up in bed and watch movies and 90210 for the rest of the night. I felt like GARBAGE.

Around 10pm I put on a second layer of Voltaren and turned off the lights. Slept half and half… but oh well!

My alarm went at 8 this morning. I considered shutting it off, but the coffee was already going and everything was prepped so I grabbed my bags and hit the gym. My plan was 40 minutes of cardio to see how I felt about upping the cardio…. I don’t know what it was, but I was just into it today, 20 minutes hard on the stepmill, 5 minutes on the bike and ended with 15 minutes at 4.2mph on an 8 incline on the treadmill. Ouch.

With literally ONE minute left I look up and notice one of my parents is walking past. I know she saw me and I avoided making eye contact. I literally had sweat dripping down and off my nose and was a hot mess.

halloween 052

Thankfully she kept walking and was gone by the time I headed into shower for work. I have yet to run into a parent “in real life” and sadly I was hoping it wouldn’t be at the gym.


I headed back to the gym post work today for a back workout.

120lbs for barbell row for 6 reps. I have no idea where that came from but it felt great.

Coming home at 6pm knowing I had work to finish up from Saturday was not so fun… I’m not in the right mind to mix up excel charts… but I figured it out, had my last meal and now am about to pack up and get ready for tomorrow. Unfortunately the weekend is not happening for me this week, I’m off to Fredericton first thing in the morning (after cardio!) to get winter tires on the truck and meet with my boss, then will be on the road marketing for the rest of the week/next week.

Busy busy busy. At least with all the driving I look forward to cardio as it gets me movinggggggggggg.

(… and I drink way too much coffee on my long drives so I’ve got tons of energy, fake or not).

How was your weekend?!

How do you deal with soreness?! (NO ICE BATHS!!!!)

  1. Ann says:

    When you work out – you’re supposed to be all sweaty! I hope the next time you do see her….you are wearing your favorite outfit and shoes and looking your absolute best!

    Enjoy your coffee

  2. Actually — bear with me here — black tea helps me get over DOMS. I swear! I read it in a CDC study (or maybe it was NIH?!) and ever since then I’ve made sure to drink at least a cup of black tea a day and my DOMS is much, much better.

    Sounds like a super busy week for you!!! Stay healthy and get that coffee IV drip going 😉

  3. Merina Paton says:

    Yoga really has really helped me. I didn’t believe it until I went to class so still and sore one day, and felt amazing after. No more soreness. But you have to have time for it… 😉

  4. I want your energy and motivation! My alarm went off at 4:15 this morning, but I turned it off and went back to bed, my whole day just seems “off”.

  5. I hate running into students outside of school. Once I saw one of my high school students at a Madonna concert. She was like “Miss Mac?! You look sooooo different!” YEa. not cool.

    When I see the little ones in the grocery store, they look at me and say “Why are you here?! Don’t you sleep at school?” LOL!

  6. allieksmith says:

    I always feel sooo awk when I see people at the gym.. I’m like heeey I’m a hot sweaty mess!

    For soreness I do self massage or use icy hot/biofreeze

  7. Donloree says:

    One of my business clients trains at the same gym. He ALWAYS wants to talk to me while I am pouring sweat, ipod in, and halfway through training. There is nothing quite like opening your eyes after doing 12 HEAVY chest flyes to see your client peering down at you with their mouth moving, asking about a marketing initiative that we have on the go.
    I try to avoid eye contact whenever possible. lol!!

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