Newsflash America

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

… Thanksgiving was over a month ago!

oct 014

Up here in the great white north Thanksgiving was way back at the first of October this year.

As you can see from my ensemble it was warm on Thanksgiving… Like 30 degrees warm… like record breaking heat warm… like warmer than JULY.

Needless to say yesterday was a totally different lead up for American Thanksgiving.

halloween 059

The snow started around 11am. I was just getting ready to head to the gym around noon when I started texting with my driver. Up to that point everything was still a go for our usual Wednesday night classes. He was leaving Fredericton early due to it already snowing there. I went to grab my bag and a text from a coach popped up.

Are classes still on?

Yup, classes arent cancelled.

Um, everyone was just sent home.

Text from the other coach.

Uh oh. Better get on this. I call my school (which autocorrect changed to “Pillsbury Elementary” in my phone, love it) and yup, closing at noon, we can’t get in.

Drop the gym bag, text my driver to go back home, text the coaches to tell them to enjoy the snow day… then call my boss to freak out.

After clarifying with her, a facebook post went out, a call to the office had a mass email sent out and then I sat down and called all the parents one by one.

Then I trudged to the gym in the snow.

What a day. Worked from home all evening. Got lots done, but sore. Very sore.

But excited. In case you missed my big announcement it’s all beginning!

So happy thanksgiving to my American friends… Happy Thursday to my fellow Canadians… and Happy…. you know.. have a good day whatever it is!

  1. I adore that picture of you and the pie. You are too cute 🙂 And you could show up at my house (you know here in sunny FLORIDA…not that I’m trying to tempt you AT ALL but it’s not snowing here) toting a pie like that ANY TIME. 🙂

    Happy Thursday friend!

  2. One of my friends in Potsdam stayed there and they got blanketed too. I can only imagine! I wish it was warm it spring yet?

  3. Stephanie says:

    Um news flash canadians…Thanksgiving is ALWAYS on Thanksgiving in November…you guys are the odd ones hahahaha

    So happy random thursday to you 😉 lol

  4. No snow here in Wisconsin for Turkey Day…it got pretty dang warm here so all the snow we did have is gone and it’s just a muddy mess around my house.

    Yay for snow days as an adult though!

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