In a Big Way

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was bang on prep wise.

All of my meals were on time and as scheduled (woo!), my workout was shoulders and legs which was awesome, my cardio was OFF since it was leg day. Overall, really can’t complain!

I was worried I would be deathly sore this week with a new routine, different workouts and I’m often working in a higher rep range (I had been more 2-6 for a few weeks) than I’m used to but overall, not bad. Please don’t take that as I’m not sore because I most certainly am… just sore in a more general overall ache, lead legs worn out kind of feeling.

The good feeling. Trust me. This is exactly how I feel I should be feeling!

… In the gym at least.

Part of the lead legs is a lead head. Does that make sense? … probably not, but go with it.

The whole reason I moved back east was to be closer to the family.

halloween 024

Since moving to Moncton back in September (omg it’s been that long?!) I’ve been back to Saint John once, for Halloween. While Halloween rocked, life just… got in the way. I shouldn’t complain, I know I’m lucky to have a job and a life and all of that… but I’m of ready for a day off. In a seriously big way.

Originally I had intended to head back the weekend that just passed, but mom ended up leaving for Toronto on Sunday for work and I had some unforeseen things pop up I needed to look after here. Depending on how the rest of this week plays out I will probably be working my weekend next week so it’s not looking good to head out again… and then it just feels… Late in to the Christmas season.


I want to be there for it all, making gingerbread houses (… and actually sticking the candy to the house since I can’t eat it this year!), setting up the tree, baking cookies and wrapping presents with my dad (… after I go buy them all for him to give first!). Just the small things I missed out on, especially last year when I legit flew home from Montreal on Christmas Eve. Panicking the whole time there would be a delay and I would spend Christmas in an airport… alone.

christmas 009

I just feel like I need that mental break. A true day off to relax and spend it with the family, no work phone, no thoughts of next term and just enjoying the time.

I don’t know what it is but despite feeling so amazing this week starting prep and feeling like I’m right where I need to be mentally regarding that, it’s like the other half of my brain (you know, the logical side that doesn’t involve prep) needs a break.

Tuesday while having a particularily bad night I spent far too  much time giggling over the humor section on Pinterest and texting with Elisa. While I’d obviously much prefer coffee in person it was the next best thing. Even though I am a horrid friend and forgot her birthday until the very end of the day Sunday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!), her response was simply “now I can stop feeling guilty for the year I forgot yours!!” and to send me a photo of her cat sleeping in the dish rack to cheer ME up.


The fact the bff is becoming a crazy cat lady too makes me so happy.

…. and feel a little less weird for the last part of this… I seriously miss my Fritz. I’m so used to having him around, it really sucks not being ignored by a 10 lb feline or being harassed for chicken every time I open the fridge. Soon enough I’ll be home for a WEEK though… lots of Fritz cuddle time… because from what I hear he’s being a royal stuck up snotface.

april 25 011

So here’s hoping I get home soon… and get my family time… my relax time. I have already made mom promise to wait for me to put up the tree (which she was more than happy to wait on, she hates this!) so I could see the monsters reaction to a giant tree in the living room. Oh what a sight that will be. So yeah… I need some home time in a big big way.

And now…. to the bus I head. I’ve got a big GPS filled day. The bonus part of this aspect of my job is that I get to know the city A LOT better… that’s what I like to tell myself about how  much I get lost.

Happy Thursday!

  1. Aww I hope you get to see your family and get a nice break soon!!! You have been working SO hard.

    I *hate* not having animals around. I am forever playing with the neighbor’s dog and going to Max’s uncle’s house to play with their cat — it’s just so lonely being animal-less!

    And seriously — you knooooowwww I can relate to this. I’ve been feeling so homesick lately. I haven’t been home in….2 years and what, four months now, and with the holidays..and being around Max’s family (who I love, but who can’t replace my family)..and now that my mom has a BF she’s been dating for like 6 months that I haven’t met….. It’s just getting to be kinda hard! Feel your pain =(

  2. You could certainly use a break, some home time will be perfect!!

  3. I’m from ND, and every winter I think about how much I would LOOOOVE to move somewhere warmer, but–I know that in reality, I could never be happy being so far away from my family and my husband’s family. I just have to suck up the lovely blizzards and snow blindness while driving sometimes!!

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