Cat Mom Guilt

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

prep 007

Even after tons of cuddles, sticking up for him when dad tried to harass him, sharing my chicken (… okay, the extra chicken, My 3oz were NOT going anywhere but MY belly) and just chilling with the monster this was the sight I found after I dumped my bags in the truck of the car today.

But the weekend wasn’t all mommy guilt, I got a good laugh out of this sight last night

prep 006

Yes… 2 seconds after this was taken Fritz was off his lazy butt and chasing black cat down the hall.

Some things never change.

It was a nice weekend. Two AWESOME workouts, meals 100% on track, totally slummed it with a ghetto food scale I found at home.

prep 005 …. No, I have never done herbal magic. Seriously people, did you even begin to think that??!

I also hit 4 out of the 5 JavaMoose locations (… lets just say my new buy 8 get one free card is um… done). How seriously cute are the new Christmas labels on the coffee?! Hello, adorable!

prep 004 T

rue story: there is one flavor of Javamoose I’ve always feared trying thinking it was “ew”. That flavor? Irish cream

For the holidays irish cream had a tiny touch of mint added and is called mistletoe kiss. I was all over it.

Like more more more.

Becca = marketers dream

Anyway, it is very late. I’m off to bed and going to fully enjoy a day off from the gym tomorrow! YAY! It feels seriously weird having four days on, one off… and one of those days has no cardio… and the other days are 20 minutes.

And um… I’m down almost 8 lbs… in a week.

yes, a lot of water weight/bloating.

But yes, I’ll take it.

There is only one thing left to say


  1. LOL Fritz is so adorable. He has the most expressive face =)

    And Max took our food scale to MA with him so I have been using a ghetto one too!! I have to slam it against the counter to make it turn on. Really helps ya destress from the day. 😉

  2. allieksmith says:

    Fritz is such a cutie. He has such personality!! I love the ecard :p

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