WIAW: Last Meal Before Prep

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

YES! I finally get to do this. I would like to thank the lovely Jen for posting her link on Twitter and reminding me what day it is so I can do this! Please go show her some love, she is rocking!

I would also like to thank the other Jen for starting WIAW!

WIAWbutton As you know I’m already knee deep in prep.

… and by knee deep I mean a week and a half. Oh how time flies!

The last weekend “BP” (… before prep) was a busy busy busy one for me. I had a ton of stuff going on, was trying to Christmas shop and run a bunch of errands. While I did pack a few meals, I fully planned on a few last treats before I got my diet Sunday.

If you hadn’t noticed I tend to have the same cheat meals over and over. Last cheat before prep in January this year?

Bacon cheeseburger, sweet potato fries of course!

jan 8 017

With a healthy side of peanut butter and cake batter ColdStone and a delicious Tim Horton’s cookie… drenched in sprinkles.


jan 8 021

This year? Well, I had really no idea where to go in Moncton for sweet potato fries other than Montanas and I was downtown… not way out there. So I decided to give in and try the new burger place in town, Relish. I had heard horror stories from the mother about the price and some other not so great things. But apparently it was good food, so why not.

halloween 065

I placed my order at the counter for the “big texas”. Bbq sauce, crispy bacon and crispy onions, pepperjack cheese. Yum yum sounding. With a side of (FOUR DOLLAR!!!!) sweet potato fries.

Total cost? $14… no drink. Just a burger and fries. That was painful. But hey, it’s my last meal out until April, it wasn’t the end of the world right?

They called my name, I headed to the counter to get my burger and um…. where the hell is the rest of my FOUR DOLLAR sweet potato fries?

halloween 066

As someone about to being prep I felt it was okay to whine and complain in my head about the severe lack of fries… and the fact the bun was 6X the size of the burger… and that the bbq sauce was PURPLE… and that the bacon was far from crispy. #whitegirlproblems… I’ve got them

halloween 067

The burger was… okay. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful. It did however make an awful mess and fall apart while I ate it. Not attractive.

For 14$ I expected a hell of a lot more out of it, but hey, what can you do right? Lesson learned.

That lesson? Send all friends and family to go find me the best burger and sweet potato fries in Moncton by April 21st. Easy enough task right?

Of course before hitting my bus home I stopped at DQ and Sobey’s. Sobey’s for this badass gooey cookie and DQ for a mini blizzard. Honestly I’d have prefered regular icecream, but it was still good. The cookie totally saved it. I couldn’t even tell you what blizzard flavor it was only that it was pretty tasty.

halloween 068

I also ate a tub and a half of greek yogurt with peanut butter as my meals, and enjoyed (…. three) overpriced skinny peppermint mochas from Starbucks.

halloween 060

I’m not normally a Starbucks fan… but I couldn’t resist.

So farewell to dairy and dirty burgers… hello to prep.

So far I don’t miss the bad foods at all, and kind of love being told what to eat. No more sitting at my computer pouring over excel sheets of macros to figure out how to work out whatever groceries were on sale that week. I just buy, cook, measure and eat. EASY.

I like easy!

I definitely didn’t go pre-prep diet crazy, but I enjoyed it. That’s all that matters!

Best cheat meal you’ve had in awhile?!

  1. HA. I would be all over that burger as well. That stinks that it wasn’t as good as your were hoping. I’ll look for some good sweet tater fries (or normal fries) in Potsdam…but that means you have to come visit! 🙂

  2. melanie says:

    Hello!! I am new to your blog and fascinated about the process. Does prep just mean that your diet is going to get insanely restricted? and for how long? Sorry about the newbie questions!!!! Just want to understand so I can go along with you for the ride!!:) You pretty much have the same cheat foods as I do!!

  3. Jessica says:

    Yum, looks like an amazing day!

  4. esmemerrie says:

    As for now, I’m living vicariously through your cheat meal! lol I’m going to Orlando next week, and I’ve promised myself at least one meal of reckless abandon, however it may turn into two. Breakfast and dinner? It is vacation after all!

  5. Please remind me, because time does fly!!! How long has ti been since you competed last?

  6. UGH I spent last weekend hunched over a computer screen working on an Excel spreadsheet with sale papers strewn around me LOL. Hate hate hate. I think I’m just going to stick with what I worked out for this week and carry it on out until I’m done with my little mini-cut though because even if there are cheaper foods with similar macro profiles….my time is worth more than the $0.50 I’d save. LOL. I just can’t.

    PURPLE BBQ sauce is killing me right now. What the F do they put in it that makes it PURPLE, of all colors?! I don’t know if I’d be down with that. This coming from the girl who had to eat at a hospital cafeteria last night and thus ate an apple, two slices of toasted bread, and a couple hard-boiled eggs that were THOROUGHLY inspected prior to ingestion. 🙂

  7. Thanks for the shout out! hope the first day of prep went well 🙂

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