The Big Goal Reveal

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

So I feel like I’ve had all the big goals…

“I just want to get on stage, look like I fit in, not come dead last and not pass out from terror”


“I want to be five pounds leaner and feel good enough to run a 5 mile run in prep for a race the next morning”

Classic 031

“I want to push through for another couple of months, come in leaner and be fully confident on stage”


And of course from all the back and forth crazy that was prep this year.

“I want to be 10lbs leaner”

capclassic 036

Through all four (FOUR?!) of those preps there was one huge goal at the back of my mind. The one I never wanted to say out loud for fear I would never accomplish it. I compete for fun and the love of this crazy lifestyle, not for goals like this.

But this year feels different.

There’s a new coach in the works who is doing my meals AND my workouts…. which is awesome for a busy lifestyle

There is a drive and determination that… while always was there before… feels different. I no longer live in fear of going too far and crossing over into disordered eating and thoughts again.

I’m starting out leaner, with a whole different shape to my body this time around. Those forearm veins that I was so excited to see what? three weeks out last prep? Yeah, they’re sticking around 2 weeks into prep. The whole “body recomp” thing is truth, it works, it’s real. trust this former fat girl.

So it’s time to finally say that big ass goal out loud. I started with babysteps and told Michelle in a random “psstttt….. guess what email”. Her response and the following discussion solidified it. The fear of not making this goal is what makes it so huge, and will push me that much harder.

For anyone who follows me on Pinterest (… addicted) you may see I’ve started a “post show eats” board, which is where I’m sorting ideas for my epic birthday cake.

april 4 008

Birthday… April 7th.

Show date… April 21st.

So my birthday shall be delayed a few weeks and it won’t seem so weird to make myself a big, badass, beyond over planned out birthday cake 4 months later.

While sharing this cake and the experience with the family and friends is great. There is one other thing I want to share my cake with.

I blogged about it in July after my show when someone asked “yes… but how did you do?” and said that if I won I would have 9387569347586934785 photos of me with my trophy and then 8673487268 more in an outtake album.

Well folks… the big goal for this year is…

I will be top five.

Plain, simple. Yes there is a ton of mini goals to get to that point, just like there was a ton of mini goals to get to the ten pound leaner goal this year. Maybe I won’t walk off stage with a trophy, but I will have a body that in my head… and my coach’s head… is worthy of a top five finish.

So there you have it. Top five. It’s absolutely terrifying to put that out there, but hey, once it’s in blog land it’s permanent folks.

As I always like to say… shit just got real. Like super real.

Excuse me while I go have a panic attack.

What are your big goals for 2012?!

  1. Dotsie says:

    How do I follow you on interest?!?! Love the big reveal! At work, will reveal goals when I figure them

  2. runningperspective says:

    ahhh you GOT IT GIRL!!!! you are amazing and so well prepared for this competition and have your goal in mind and out in the open! honestly NOTHING can stop you!!!!!!<3

  3. Good for you! It’s ambitious and will really drive you.

  4. Kerryne says:

    That is great. I look forward to seeing you WIN it all! My goals are 3 shows… 3 wins 😉 Ha!

  5. Meg says:

    One thing to say: GET it girl. I know you will.

  6. You can totally do it, you’ve got this!!! I’ve never met anyone with more determination than you!!!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    First of all, you’re beautiful!!! Second of all, I love your blog because I’m just barely starting to train and your site is motivating and inspiring 😀 My goal for 2012 is to train my BUTT off to compete as well 😀 Wish me luck haha!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    P.S. Good luck with your goals girl!! You got this!!!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    It looks like you didn’t get my previous one before the P.S. comment lol. But basically I said: First of all, you’re BEAUTIFUL!!! Second of all, I love your site and find it very inspiring and motivating, I am just starting to train and my goal for 2012 is to train my BUTT off and eventually compete as well!!

  10. Lisa says:

    Oh man, easy. You got it. I have no doubts at all! You’re a rockstar!

  11. allieksmith says:

    YOU’VE GOT THIS!!! Don’t doubt yourself for one second!!! 🙂

  12. You have got this muhh girl. You are awesome and I def think it will happen!

  13. Dotsie says:

    I tried to comment earlier and I see it didnt post :-(. I need a pinterest tutoring session! Lmao but I did find you and repin stuff. I think… Ha!

    Love your goal 😉

  14. Oh YOU GOT THIS 🙂 For sure!!! GOoooooooo Becca!!!!!!!

  15. agree with rest here… totally got this!!!!!!

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