Something I Just Don’t Get

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Coming up in January is the two year… anniversary?? … of my first ever prep.


I really wish I had started blogging way back then instead of midway just to see the full on change that has happened for me. I think it’s really easy to say that I started prep and finally was able to commit to competing to regain control over my eating habits… and I guess in a way over my life.

Coming out of a year of switching trainers to try and find the right one, a significant break up, I felt lost. After being underfed with one coach and then overfed with the next I had no idea where my happy medium was. I was fighting the binge eating, fighting the urge to restrict and I did my research, hired Joe and clearly never looked back.

classcedit2 I admit it’s… easy now. I love prep. I function SO MUCH BETTER in prep. That is not any big secret.

I love the routine, the solid goal date, the food (yes… even all the egg whites), everything.

Even in the beginning it wasn’t… THAT hard.

Do I want some of your cookies? …. No thanks (… while thinking OMG YES COOKIES NOW PLEASE!)

Can you skip cardio tomorrow morning to sleep in? … Nope (… Would love to though)

aug 23 002 

What I don’t get… is the people who prep and are completely miserable the whole time.

Always ranting about people offering them food or questioning their choices.

Always complaining of hunger. If you’re that hungry all the time, you’re doing something wrong.

Acting like prep is the most hardcore thing on the face of the planet and if you don’t “prep” you don’t workout.


Prep is a choice I made and one I don’t force upon anyone. I can’t even say I force it on myself because well, I enjoy it. Prep enhances my life, it doesn’t put me in the closet shaking because someone asked me to go out for coffee.

… I just plan the coffee meetup before my workout. Hello, win win?!

Sure I’ve made my choice and decided to live this life, but it doesn’t mean I’ve missed out.

I’ve dated in prep…. Interesting, but certainly do-able if you date the right people

(… which I clearly don’t since I’m still obviously single, but that’s more I date the wrong people, not they don’t get prep)

I’ve gone to work parties and out to bar to watch the game.


I’ve gone on vacation, cooked for the family, baked for my nephew’ birthday.

Since I have used macros for the first four preps I was able to fit my meals in to “match up” with everyone else, make changes and just go with it.

What I don’t get is just… why… why do it if you don’t enjoy it. If all the time you have free is spent complaining about how hard it is, why?

Yes, if it was easy everyone would do it, but if you don’t enjoy the process at all, is the end really worth it?

I guess maybe if I felt more fun down or did more cardio I’d feel different. I’ve never felt anything more than an “athlete” while in prep.

Please don’t read that as I don’t have bad days, I certainly do, but newsflash… we ALL have bad days. In prep, offseason, not even remotely considering dieting or prep.

They happen.

wiaw 002 

I guess my general point is… if you don’t like it… why the hell would you do it for months on end? Do what you love, chill out, enjoy dinner, don’t freak out if someone offers you a cookie (ESPECIALLY in the offseason).

It’s life, it’s completely what you make it. Enjoy it, embrace it. From someone who spent so long overweight and unhappy I realize now how amazing life can  be if you just go with it, be who you are, do what you want and own it. There is nothing wrong with a “different” lifestyle if it’s who you want to be.

And there you have my rant for the day.

I am now off to buy a new food scale. Mine died last night. sad. Very sad. We’ve been through a lot together and it’s going to be tough to replace!

  1. So true. Some people just enjoy complaining. I certainly indulge (hello Nutella cookies & red velvet pudding shots were my posts for the week, lol!) But I do it in moderation. I’m not in prep, but I enjoy eating healthy. If I’m eating healthy -or clean for 90% of the time, I allow myself to splurge the other 10%. It is a choice. Nobody forces me, it’s what I WANT to do.


  2. allieksmith says:

    What an interesting point/rant! Sometimes I don’t know why people do things either if all they do is complain. They should just stop! But anyways, I am glad that you enjoy prep!

  3. I am totally with you on this Becca. I see this all. the. time. And it’s like — WHY? No one is holding a gun to your head making you compete. If you hate it THAT much, just stop. And if you don’t actually hate it enough to stop, then YES it’s okay to rant every once in a while…but it’s not okay to act bitchy towards everyone else ALL THE TIME for sixteen straight weeks (or more). Either commit to it and be a decent human being, or back away from it until you can, ya know?

  4. Ann says:

    I agree! If you don’t love it…don’t do it! Everyone does better in work and play when they’re doing something they enjoy and are passionate about !

  5. Kari says:

    I totally agree. While there are definite challenges with food and social life during prep, they’re not the end of the world, and there are always ways to work around things. I completely agree with you, and I’m glad you enjoy prep!

  6. So very true! I stopped reading blogs where all people do is complain. If you’re that unhappy, freaking change something!!!!

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