Oh Hey There

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m alive! I’m really alive! … and feeling pretty good about everything too!

Things aren’t always easy, but I can truly say I’m so glad when the going is tough, I have prep to fall back on. There is just something about the routine, the results, the structure…. whatever it is, it just makes life feel more normal when things are far from normal ya know?

… Probably not, but it’s okay, it makes sense in my head and that’s what matters right?

On the prep front, I’m feeling awesome. I’m finally in the same city as my camera charger… and remembered to bring my camera to change so progress pics have been taken. I feel like that should get it’s own post though, so for now you get a classic blog mirror photo.

Dec 18 002

I feel like there is just… way to much to cover so my iphone gallery is going to explode on the blog and we’ll go from there.

Like I said, my kitchen scale died. Very very momentarily had a tear in my eye until I went to Walmart.

Dec 18 001

This fancy ass bamboo scale was on sale for $18 at Walmart instead of the usual FORTY. It’s pretty, lightweight AND measures ML! I don’t know how it works, but it does. Bye bye measuring cups for my morning juice. WOO!

In other news at 6:30 Sunday morning I was woken up from my couch slumber by an (almost) three year old poking me in the shoulder.

Demanding waffles.

Offering homemade waffles Saturday night to him for breakfast seemed good… until I realized it meant 6:30am… after sleeping like garbage on the couch.

Dec 18 003

After plopping the batter in my waffle iron I went all MacGyver on the coffee pot. Mom only buys those folgers pre-pack coffee filled filters. Blech. Enter google and a roll of paper towel.

Dec 18 004

FYI: This works and PC brand candy cane coffee still rocks my socks.

…. As does being told my random waffles rock

Dec 18 005

Best aunt ever right? Making homemade waffles… before coffee… when I can’t even taste a bite.

I know, I know… I’m fantastic

So if you hadn’t figured it out yet, this should be a dead give away where I am.

Dec 18 010

Yes, I’m at the parentals.

Mom set up her mini christmas village. Fritz was… intrigued but a little afraid?

Dec 18 008

I was truly expecting mayhem when the decorations started coming out. He was really chill…. Until the tree showed up.

Dec 18 009

… Maybe he was refering to me. The Mr T wanna be decorating it though?!

Dec 18 011

All in all… he was… and is… really just uninterested. Maybe because it’s a fake tree? Maybe because  he’s more mature than I give him credit for? Who really knows, but this is about the extent of his tree adventures.

Dec 18 012

Otherwise… I’ve been taking care of some… stuff… Wrapping presents and spending a ton of time with the family. You know, normal Christmas stuff!

Dec 18 015

Prep is really really really going well. I’m hoping to pop up to Fredericton to meet and train with the team sometime this week or next week. Kind of excited about that. Mostly because it’s fueled by JavaMoose?!

Dec 18 013

I am starting to prep for Christmas dinner, I’m doing dessert (Gillian has offered me “all the money in her bank account” to make the same pie as Thanksgiving) and making rolls. I actually get to enjoy Christmas dinner as a “normal person” as per my coach and I’m of excited/nervous/pumped about this fact. Weighing out 3oz of this and 50g of that and eating at exact times has it’s time and place… I don’t think Christmas day is that place.

I’m glad my coach agrees.

As for my gym here in the hometown, it’s FREEZING. Like bitter cold inside (… and outside).

I just don’t get it. I actually left my sweater on when I got there today and didn’t take it off until I was a few sets in. I HATE even wearing a tshirt or sleeves of any sort while I workout, so this felt weird… but at least i looked 80’s cute?

Dec 18 014

I find it so weird to see that photo and actually think… I look tiny… for December!

Oh offseason. I don’t miss you and the belly, the bloat or the blahness at all.

The boobs I miss. But yeah… I knew that was temporary too. Oh well

Happy Monday folks!

  1. YOU LOOK SO HOT!!!!!

    I always lose weight from my boobs first too. They shrivel up to A’s before I start losing from anywhere else. Oh well.

  2. Body Polish says:

    You deserve so many compliments for looking great, not eating the waffles, making the waffles, and having a cat so well behaved that he doesn’t take down the tree. No tree up at my house, we’ll see if I get the nerve to try and tame my cat.

  3. I also hate sleeves when working out. The majority of the time, I can be found at the gym with either sleeveless tops or cut-off tshirts. It’s how I’m most comfortable.

  4. Dotsie says:

    You’re awesome, and fritz and his white paint dipped tail is awesome 🙂

    You look fab!

    Enjoy your time with the family!

  5. esmemerrie says:

    I love that scale! I wonder if that sale is Canada-wide…

  6. Holly says:

    How have you gotten rid of the bloat? and of course you look fantastic!

  7. Allie says:

    Glad to hear prep is going well for you Becca! You look great 🙂

  8. BAHAHA. You look fantastic and that scale looks like the bomb. I am in limbo about sleeves when I work out. It all depends on my mood I suppose. I actually prefer long sleeves to short sleets though.

  9. Loving the Fritz vs. Holiday Decor 🙂 He is so charming! You look fantastic and I really love the sweater over the gym outfit look! You totally look like someone I would scope out enviously at the gym 😉

  10. Um, you look fantastic!! Thant’s all. LOL! I like you tree 🙂

  11. I will never do prep or enter a fitness contest thing but I really enjoy reading about your experience! It’s pretty inspiring. Just wanted to say that as a new reader! 🙂

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