Be Amazed! I Ran!

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

I ran today!

Picture 011 

I know I’ve mentioned it a few times here but without much detail. I’ve been having some stiffness/pain in my hips, mostly in my right side lately. It comes and goes, but gets worse as my squats get heavier and I attempt sprints or running.

Not so fun.

Sadly without my old full time job I’m without health benefits so I no longer have a physio on speed dial on my phone. Hopefully that changes soon but until then I’ve been working around it, avoiding sprints and being overly careful about my form when I squat. I also try and remember to pack my converse in my gym bag on days with a lot of leg work because they’re just… better than my usual nike’s.

Until now.

Dec 18 071

After several recommendations I finally gave in and headed to Sports Chek to check out the Nike Free runs. I wasn’t crazy about the colors available (ugh Canada) but picked my favs and tried them on.

Needless to say, love at first step.

Dec 18 072

Since they are ridiculous and wouldn’t scan my coupon off my phone (how ghetto 90’s) I couldn’t get them on boxing day.

Yes… I am that cheap that not getting 10% off made me wait.

The next day I decided to head uptown to the running room to see if they had other colors.

Well let me just say that I fell in love with the bright green with hot pink ones there… and could have easily been swayed to pay 40-50$ more that it would have cost me… but the sales lady was well, a giant snotface and I had no intentions of giving her my money.

“do you run?”

No, not really. I want them for weight lifting and general cardio

“Oh, well most long distance runners don’t like them and you really shouldn’t run in them for more than 5k”

That’s okay, I don’t run.

“But if you wanted to start”

It’s not a current goal, but thanks, I’ll keep it in mind.

“ok” … dropped the box on the floor in front of me and walked away.

Right then.

So I printed my coupon and grabbed them from Sports Chek in the bland color, but whatever.

One of my guy friends promised me as long as I keep wearing yoga pants everyone will be looking at my butt, not my shoes so it’s okay.

Dec 18 014 So needless to say I went home last night and put them on in the house…. and wore them all night while watching tv. I was THAT excited to try them out.

Dec 18 073  

My workout today was mostly back and triceps, but the last exercise is stiff leg deads.

I’ve been finding the heavier/higher rep I go that I feel unsteady in regular shoes. I actually busted out of my sneakers last week and did them in my socks so I felt more comfortable. So that was where I felt my big test would be.

And they passed. With flying colors.

I felt very stable and rooted through my heels. Win!

I was feeling so comfortable in them I did ten minutes of treadmill sprints on an incline with no hip pain… and then proceeded to almost fall off the stepmill for my last ten minutes of cardio my legs were so jello-y.

Way to go Becca.

Don’t expect any more runs from me, just tested them out. I haven’t lost my mind, don’t worry!

Here’s hoping I don’t wake up with my hip in a wreck tomorrow!

Have you ever tried barefoot running shoes?

  1. Body Polish says:

    I love the colors of the new shoes! I hope you get to go to the doc soon, in the meantime maybe the shoes will help.

  2. I have never tried barefoots but I’m going towards flats for all runs if that makes sense. Um well first, your form is awesome in the photo. I hate snotty salespeople. Don’t ask me what I’m effin doing with something unless I asked for your advice. Shit I would have said I was working the pole with them and see what she said. Um anyways.

  3. Whoo!! Good job!! I loveee those shoes! They’re so cute!! I get that hip pain almost all the time. 😦

  4. Lisa says:

    YA good girl! My friend wears those toe shoe things to lift in. She says she loves them, has worn them for almost a year now and refuses to wear regular shoes in the gym anymore. I haven’t tried them.

  5. Dang, what a biznatch! I wouldn’t have spent my money there either!!! Rude salesperson = no money from me!!

  6. Kendra W. says:

    I ❤ Nike Free's in obnoxious colors too! I'm always stalking eBay for good deals!

    I've done deadlifts in socks and felt good and I've also done them in hi-top converse's and flat Nike's. All good!!

    Do you wear low or high top Converse's when training??

    Ugh how rude about the salesperson. It's okay I'm sure another store with good customer service would love your business.

    I wish I could release the death grip on my wallet to spring for Lululemon but I just can't rationalize $80 for spandex

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