Lets Do the Math

Posted: December 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

So everyone is doing the flashback of 2011 thing.

I’m so not doing that. In summary.

Six months of prep

P7120028 Moved from Montreal to New Brunswick

july 27 001july 29 003

Ate some food. Drank some wine


wiaw 002

Ran a 10K…. with no training (… again)

race 017 Boring and been there done that right?

So let’s do some math.

I did this for prep and everyone thought I was crazy, so the math for a full year should be interesting.

6 months of prep = ten egg whites a day = 1820 egg whites

6 months off season/new prep = 10-12 egg whites a day = 2002 egg whites

april 4 008

Total egg whites for the year =  3822

… That’s 318.5 dozen eggs

Ummm…. if you do the grocery math that’s about 700$ of eggs.

That’s a new pair of Choos… .or a pair of Louboutins.

july 13 010 … Yet I chose egg whites.

If that doesn’t show how much I want this then the math on 2011 was a total waste and y’all just don’t get me.

Last night the new training plan arrived in my inbox. New years day is my off day so it all begins on January 2nd…. again.

And deadlifts are back in the plan. Let’s see how fast I can hit 225 shall we!?

Happy New Year everyone!

  1. Ahhhh Becca I love this!!! I don’t even WANT to do my grocery math. O_O I’m not going to. The numbers would probably make me cry.

    You are totally gonna hit that 225# dead in the first half of 2012, NO question! I bet you’ll be at 275 for a couple reps by the end of the year =)

  2. runningperspective says:

    hahahahah i love thissssssss!!!!!! i love that you did the math hilarious!!!! but also got me thinking…and DAMN i eat alot of eggwhites too! hahah totally worth it<3

  3. allieksmith says:

    LOL! I love the numbers you crunch haha you really do love eggs 🙂

  4. So many egg whites! I love it! Yay protein!

  5. Hehehe, this made me giggle. That’s a lot of eggs girl…and I’m curious to try these banana oats you speak of. Mind lendin’ the recipe? 😀

    Happy New Year, Becca!!

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