So I Fell Off a Bosu

Posted: January 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yeah, we all know how I love BOSU balls.

randoms 005

Okay, in all honesty we used to put them flat side down (I’m talking like 20 of them) at bootcamp in a big maze and we had to hop from each one during warmup. While highly dangerous (those things are SLIPPERY on hardwood!) it was also a hell of a lot of fun.

… Until someone crashed.

But I digress.

I had russian twists in my program today and you know me, why do something the easy way when I can do something that can potentially make me look like a complete idiot? Slap down a bosu, grab a 15lb medicine ball and plop myself down after my lateral raises.

Needless to say I laughed quite hard at myself when I completely fell off backwards.

Yes, the two guys in the weight room also saw.

Yes, they also laughed.

Thankfully I have zero shame left and carried on with my workout. Sans bosu.

In other news. While two days ago it was (plus) 8 degrees and I was going to the gym and back in capri pants and a hoodie today I picture mother nature sitting around a roaring fire cackling “welcome to winter mother &%$^ers”. Yes, it was –29 when I left the house this morning. I had my tights on… with sweats over top. My tank top on… with a hoodie and a snowboard jacket over top.

… and I still blasted the heat the entire time.

jan 005

I’m a wimp. Really missing that whole apartment connected to the metro which was connected to my gym on the other side right about now. Going outside in the winter is for suckers.

Regardless… It was a cozy hoodie for the start of my workout again today.

jan 002

Oh yeah, finally got around to getting bangs again last week. Still have the ponytail so I guess I’m not sick of “growing out my hair” yet. Let’s see how long this lasts. I give it two months more.

Also note, those Nike Pro combat capris are the new love of my life… second only to that batwing beyond cozy Volcum hoodie I got on a Christmas return… and of course the new sneakers.

My oh my is my life full of love or what?!

Like this sort of semi progress photo… until saturday when I have to bite the bullet and take real ones.

jan 004

And as for yesterday’s deadlifting? They’re placed later in my workout… but I still managed 170 for 6 reps on the last set.

I will not complain.

… other than to say between that and the back extensions the day before the bottom half of my back is pretty achy and tight (… okay, the top part is but yeah deal with it right?) So I have been relaxing today post workout, had myself a bubble bath and now have kicked back with my feet up, complete with personal foot warmer before i need to go pick mom up from work.

jan 006

All I’ve got to say on that is I have never been happier that mom got a car starter for Christmas.

How many months left of winter?

  1. Can you tell I updated my reader and finally added the blogs I’ve been meaning to add? That means comments! Haha.

    Totally took a spill myself yesterday…not off a bosu which is meant to create imbalance…but on my own two feet. Ha. I need to get my hands on a bosu soon…although, that might just mean more danger. Haha.

  2. Claire says:

    Love the hair!!! I thought I was the only person who laughs at themselves in the gym!!!!

  3. I love the bangs! And OMG – your shoulders look AMAZING Becca! You can see some pec there too 😀

  4. runningperspective says:

    LOVE YOUR HAIRRR SO CUTE!! and hahaha love that you fell off i was seriously cracking up hahah!! love you<33

  5. Ha I laughed a little bit about your accident. I have had a few of those personally so I totally understand. Love the bangs and your shoulders are like the ones I dream of.

  6. I love the bosu too! They are kind of a liability I guess lol. I’ve gotten busted a few times myself.

    Volcom gear is faboosh! I have some of their stuff for skiing.

    I love the bangs!!! I could never rock them. I did once ( and cut them myself-bad move) I looked like I was five.

    Your delts are popping for sure! I wish you would post your shoulder workout 😦

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