Holiday Damage

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I don’t think it was any real big secret that I was nervous about taking two days “off plan” while prepping through the holidays.

Christmas Eve I veered off plan in the evening to have my lobster omelet and some candy cane ice cream, then Christmas Day was just all over the place, although I did try to make decent choices.

Dec 18 067 These two days coupled with a VERY different cardio plan than the last four preps had me well…. scared to death to take photos on the weekend.

I’m actually prepping without a scale, and while I feel like I’m leaning out and looking better I was still thinking I’d have a pot belly and gained ten visible pounds when I compared the side by side. Especially since my stomach was a little funky on the weekend and I was holding water and feeling iffy.

But alas, I got up, put on that fantastic ghetto bikini and my heels and snapped away. The angle is slightly different this time around (I should really put big X’s on the floor or something!?) but overall for dieting through the holidays and reduced cardio I’m…. dare I say… happy with it?

dec18-jan 7 side Thankfully there is nowhere to go but up from here…. or is it down?

Either way, I got my new meal plan last night. Very few changes, but small ones… including almonds. Right away I did the quick macros in my head, and asked if I could use almond butter instead of almonds.

True story, give me a bag of almonds and i will eat all of them in half a day. I have zero control. I never have. I don’t know why. But give me a jar of nut butter and I’m fine. Whether it’s because I’ve used peanut butter for so long in prep or it’s just they goopy deliciousness of it all I don’t know, but I was super happy when I got the a-ok on it.

To costco I go later for a giant jar! Woo!

The thing I find funny is when I first got my original meal plan I almost had a meltdown. It was so different and seemed so crazy to me. When I got the email back from my progress pictures Sunday night asking what I thought of my current plan, is there anything I’d like to sub/change, energy levels all that blah blah blah instead of a big long email detailing how i want to change everything it was simply “well I really really really love my 2pm steak/egg white meal so if that can stay it would be awesome, otherwise I’m just meh on cauliflower suddenly, can i have broccoli twice instead? otherwise I feel fine”

Dec 18 030Who knew the OCD control freak extraordinaire could be flexible and change her ways after all. 

I certainly didn’t, but it’s been a nice change.

Sometimes the routine and lifestyle I have in prep is exactly what i need to get through the tougher times. Looking back I’m sure I would have had a million meltdowns over the move if I didn’t have prep to focus on. It is what it is.

But now it’s shower and get my butt in gear time. Today is going to be a kick ass day and I’ll be back tomorrow with some great news. Because that’s the only way it can go today.

  1. AHhhh congrats Becca! You look amazing — your abs are so ripped already! You are going to kick butt all over the place at this show 😀

  2. You’re looking amazing already!

  3. Allie says:

    I’m so glad you are happy with your progress thus far and yaaaay for almond butter!

  4. hehe I laughed pretty hard with you putting “x”s on the ground so you can have the same angle. #mathproblems. I’m glad you are happy though girl and you look great!

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