Free Samples Make Me Take My Top Off

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m out of protein powder.


As per my new meal plan I’m officially switching from whey to vegetarian protein powder and unfortunately I haven’t had time to go get some, so I’ve been using free samples until I can stop at the stop today.

If you remember awhile back I did a review of Optimum Nutrition Cookies and Cream whey I was sent and my honest opinion was it tasted like rancid cough medicine. Well, I was also sent mocha cappuccino and I guess a few months made me willing to give it a shot?

JAN 7 004

Well… I can say that this was not as awful as the cookies and cream. Despite my love for coffee I don’t really like cappuccino flavored whey. Go figure. But I drank it without gagging and wouldn’t TOTALLY write off ON products now…. okay, that’s a lie. I’m a Gaspari girl, but whatever. It was free. I drank it. Life goes on.

JAN 7 001

FYI Sable: Yes, Fritz does lick the tops of my shakes after I’m done. He’s a pig. And spoiled.

Today the sample was a different one.

JAN 7 006

I got this cute little sample from Interactive nutrition from an IDFA goodie bag last summer. I had tossed it in my box of spices and kitchen stuff when I moved and forgot about it….  until last night when I needed a sample for today.

And well…

JAN 7 010

That face about sums it up. Maybe I used too much water, maybe it was a blah vanilla flavor but yeah, did not like. At all.

… and it didn’t like me. I drank this with two exercises left in my workout and it was NOT sitting well in my stomach. Like felt like I was going to be sick. Gross.

(I checked the date, it was not even close to being expired for the record)

I wanted to give it a bit of time to settle before I hopped on the stepmill/bike/treadmill for my cardio so… I decided it was time to begin that wonderful posing practice stuff.

Normally at 15 (FIFTEEN?!?! … I think!) weeks out I would not be comfortable with this whole top off thing at all. But I had zero issue with it today and actually felt really comfortable.            JAN 7 012 Definitely am a bit slouchy here through the abs but that’s just me being lazy and not stretching up through my torso (a huge thing for me to be conscious of due to the whole losing a shit ton of weight issue).

Things are moving along and I’m happy with it. I think since I don’t have cardio everyday I’m going to toss the stripper shoes in my gym bag and do 15-20 minutes of posing after my leg workouts when the studio is free. I want to be super comfortable on stage again and this will help a lot.

So there you have it. A gross protein sample made me take my top off. I’m classy like that.

Now I’m off for a followup on yesterday. I swear this better be the end of it all!

Happy hump day folks!

  1. Tk says:

    i’m with you on the ON whey. i used to be a big fan until i tried Myofusion. Now all i can taste when i use the remainders of my ON powder is chemicals. it’s straight up nasty. (and i’m just talking about the chocolate and vanilla flavours)
    Myfusion Banana ftw

  2. I’m still baffled at how cookies and cream flavored anything could taste bad?!?! Sadness…

  3. hehe I missed your review of cookies and cream apparently. I love their cake batter flavor but I like optimum because it cooks well in pancakes. That is probably because it makes pancakes more pancakey. Anyways-

    Slouchy-you still look awesome girl!

  4. I’m really not impressed with *most* of Optimum Nutrition’s flavors. That’s the brand I started out with because they are/were the biggest brand but yeah. Not a fan. I don’t use whey or casein anymore anyway but if I ever did…I would never ever ever go back to ON unless it was for double chocolate or cake batter. Their vanilla tastes like…I don’t even know what. Battery acid or something. And their strawberry? OMG. BARF.

    Also, fear not, Fritz is not the grossest cat. My Mom currently has four cats (insert cat lady joke here) and a few weeks ago she was eating ice cream. She had at least a cup left from what she said… she got up to do something, left it on the couch for about ten minutes, came back and it was GONE. So yeah.

  5. Lisa says:

    Yea, I have to agree. I didn’t like ON protein. My hubby did. I thought it was too thin and flavor lacked. You know me, I’m so a Gaspari lover too! Oh, and looking good hottie!!

  6. Dawn says:

    I love ON products except cookies and cream….I have never found a cookies and cream protein powder that I like and I have lost hope that I ever will…just not meant to be I guess.

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