Majorly Being a Chick

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

I don’t know what my issue is today but seriously? Ugh. I’m just cranky. Given the chance I’d be at the bottom of these containers in no time.

halloween 014 Well… that is if I felt like cheating on prep… and had actually bought them.

Which I didn’t. (… but should, they’re on sale which makes me think it was a holiday item. Time to start my post show stockpile)

But just… Ugh.

I was dragging getting going this morning despite going to bed fairly early last night AND it being PLUS SEVEN DEGREES instead of the –27 from earlier in the week. My workout was amazing compared to yesterday. My strength is still going up, I actually have some form of shape to my arms, and my legs are definitely leaning out… but I was still cranky.

People were hogging the squat racks for stupidities

halloween 041 I can’t make this shit up people.

Bicep curls. On a ball. In the squat rack.

That right there takes the cake.

My head hurts.

After that workout it was off to work. I’ll be honest in saying it’s… taking a lot of effort to just keep my mouth shut and not tell some people to grow up… but I’m doing it and know it will get better once I’m out of class. Here’s to surviving that long.

The nice thing?  Coming home from work to the monster.

jan 005 So today I am going to do something I will probably doing a lot more in the next 13 weeks.


52917364341215002_D83YNsC2_c (1) Yup, I’m being ridiculous.

The negative comments from coworkers about my life… which they know nothing about… need to not bother me.

My insecurities… about prep… about life… about stuff… need to stop.

My pride needs to be put aside and admit that this isn’t an ideal situation, but this is my life.

Time for bed. Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start, a clear mind.

How hard can it be?

  1. Okay wait a minute. I know no one needs to curl in the squat rack but um… I thought the point was so that the bar was already at hand-level and you could just drop it after a burner set or something??? The safety rails are like a million feet away when he’s standing on that ball. What the EFF? Like how did he even get the bar back down to the rails!?

    Okay I’m done. Except I keep scrolling back up JUST to give that picture side-eye. I mean….really?

    Sucks that you’re catching heat for your lifestyle =(

  2. Um. And I thought the cray crays lived at my gym. WTF. HA. Anyways-I gotcha girl, it’s been one of those days for me as well. I’m just like ugh what is going on.

    I’m sorry to hear about the negativity from the coworkers. I’ve gotten a few from my housemate lately too. UGH. Anyways-hope all becomes well 🙂

  3. Erika says:

    I feel like I’ve had a lot of these self admitted ridiculous moments the past few months, and I agree with your last statement wholeheartedly; it might not be an ideal situation, but tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start. I have had to take a step back and keep telling myself that we only move one day at a time. But going to a job you aren’t in love with (for whatever reason) is SO hard sometimes! I feel ya!! Having something else to focus on is the best remedy; for you prep, and for me CF/marathon! Chin up! Big things are in store for us 😉

  4. Sera says:

    Can you do a post on how you keep your motivations (in terms of your food intake)? I would like to make healthier life choices, but I cant stop my cravings and its driving me crazy.

  5. thisfitchick says:

    HAHA that photo is hilarious- that is just plain stupid. NEW DAY FRESH MIND- keep thinking that!

  6. Tenecia says:

    All I could say when I saw the pic you took of the guy at the gym is “Holy sh!t” – that is ridiculousness times a million 🙂

    13 weeks….you got this!!!


  7. Lisa says:

    Hang in there sweetie. I have those days too =( I can’t believe it’s only 13 weeks. So these are people in your new job talking about you? Really? Come on people! I hope training isn’t too long….

  8. oh wow…hang in there girl!
    tommorow IS a new day and it wil get better….
    13 wks out?
    that time will go by fast and will give you a distraction from work…nay sayers already?geesh.jelousy.
    and about that dude on the ball in the squat rack?
    now,i actually have done that same exercise,and holy f balls,its HARD..
    however,i do it with a barbell or dumbells and i DONT HOG THE SQUAT RACK! –im in the aerobics room away from everyone so no one can see me if i fall off the ball,and yes,i have fallen,lol!

    anyways,just sit tight,do your thing and all will be good!
    you got this!

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