Thats More Like It

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was a little worried about how today would go.

I didn’t sleep the best.

 photo (15) Yeah. I know, the bedding is pretty epic eh? The sunflower comforter is from… high school? The sheets probably 10 years old and the unmatched old lady floral pillow case?

There’s a reason I’m single and sleeping alone. You now see it. (cat or sheets… you decide)

Anyway, I digress. For some reason Fritz has been oddly cuddly. He’s always slept on my bed, but after I broke him of sleeping on MY pillow as a kitten he’s slept BY me, but not on me. Now he’s like, stretched out along my back. It’s warm, but annoying. I don’t get it.

dontmind Then the alarm went off and I could smell the coffee. That’s a good sign right?

Yeah… except mom’s coffee pot is crappy and when you make anything more than 6 cups in it the chance of it plugging and overflowing is about 95%. Guess where today fell? I got my small cup filled for work, but my preworkout coffee was all over the cupboard. It was the last of my chocolate peanut butter JM too. Lame.

Nothing a quick stop at the Irving for my favorite delicious dirty gas station coffee couldn’t fix. Sadly at 5:30 in the morning they haven’t made the good flavored stuff yet, but oh well.

Walking into the gym I immediately noticed… people. Lots of people. At 6am?! What was up with that?

But I just tuned it out and had a really great shoulder/ab workout. I’m finally getting used to doing ab workouts and always have, always will love training shoulders so what’s not to like?

I do admit that everything felt… HEAVY… today.

And my wrist is aching badly lately. Probably due to the weather… but probably due to pushing just a bit harder every workout. I’ve found my forearms and wrists are really blah lately. No idea what’s up with that. Sure I can blame the left one on my stupidity, but the right? Lame.

n509844661_795496_5583 The nice thing about looking at the clock before starting cardio and thinking “oh crap, I don’t have time for this before work” and realizing oh look… I work next door. 15 minutes stepmill intervals, 10 minutes bike intervals, quick cooldown and a shower. It was great.

I felt so much better after that workout.

Unfortunately work was a bit of an energy sucker today. Just a lot of boring downtime with no phones/internet allowed to kill time. Nothing like sitting around doing nothing!

But… I have a job. It will get better. It’s not forever.

Need to look on the bright side!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY… that’s definitely a bright side! It’s also leg day #2 which means no cardio! Oh… and no cardio means a few extra minutes before work… and a full punch card from javamoose to grab a free one as a pre-work pick me up!

Hello, pretty fantastic day in my eyes.

  1. Ann says:

    Fritz is such a cutie pie! I’m sorry you lost the last of your JM coffee – but you’ll get more, I’m sure! LOL on the sheets….we’ve ALL been there!

  2. I want your car. Wahh for boring downtime. I hate when that happens. My down time consists of relaxing and reading more blogs. I have such a great life.

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