Hectic Weekend

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Now that I have one of those… day job things… Friday suddenly has meaning again.

We had a snow storm Friday, and even though dad told me to be careful on the ice when I left the house (light snow over ice = disaster obviously) and walking outside I kept telling myself to slow down I tossed my gym bag in the backseat, opened the drivers side door and bam, slipped and thankfully I was able to grab the door to keep my ass from hitting the ground.

… but my shin too a nasty beating on side of the car. Bump and bruise was formed by the time I got to the gym. Hot.

Since it was a cardio free day I left the gym with enough time to run over to the mall and grab a cup of coffee. While trying to open the door to get out of the car, I pinched my pinky in the handle. Way to go Becca. It bruised and I cursed. No shock there. I’m a wimp.

Thankfully by the time work was over the snow had stopped, so it was a quick dig out of the car (in my converse… not smart Becca… not smart) and a painless drive home. A quick switch up into my cozy sweats, slipper socks and embarrassing slippers and I had my feet up and a couple of (peaceful for once!) critters keeping me company.

JAN 22 002 Saturday morning I headed in town with mom and while she got herself a pedicure… I got myself something even better!

JAN 22 003

The mall was kind of depressing. Even with a cup of Rainforest Crunch at Javamoose the summer clothing in stores just made me feel pasty white and like we’re about 50 degrees away from even considering shorts. Lame.

I did find my steak on mega sale at Sobey’s so hello, $20 instead of 40$?! Yes please!

Since no self respecting Canadian lets a snowstorm stand in the way of a non-smudged pedicure, mom and I hit up Costco right away for broccoli, apples and sweet potatos. Nom nom.

 JAN 22 005

The afternoon was a bit of cooking, a coffee date with the bestie out in Quispam. Finally decided to check out the brand spanking new JM location. It’s big! And super nice! And CRAZY busy!

… and so nice to sit down for an hour or two and whine about my white girl problems to someone who has seen it all from me. There is nothing better than having your bff living in the same area code as you.

JAN 22 006

You’ll be shocked and amazed to find out I stayed up until THREE THIRTY IN THE MORNING SUNDAY!

… okay, I sat on my butt in my sweats watching nothing on tv, being a bum and left the house around 1:30 to be a sweet sister and pick my brother up uptown. By the time he was done and I drove him and his friend home it was mega late.

Sadly I accidently slept in until nine. It kind of messed with my meals a bit but alas, progress pics were taken and sent off, meals were eaten and the gym was done.

I had some errands to run… one of which almost made me wish I liked/ate asparagus.

JAN 22 007

Seriously how cute is that?!

…. ugh.

I also lucked out that the bulk barn is moving to a bigger location…. and are having a mini sale. I always buy my oats at the Bulk Barn simply because I prefer large flake and I find them really hard to find in the stores on the east coast for some reason. On sale for 18 cents/100g. yes please. Best 1.25$ I spent today by far!

JAN 22 009

Sometimes I wonder if it’s weird how cheap I am… and how much I love a sweet deal. I often wish I was american so I could be a crazy coupon lady. Without double coupons and store coupons and all that it’s nowhere near as exciting in Canada. With that being said though i DID get my juice FREE at the store today.

Yes, totally free. It got me excited. I think I’d be a hoarder in a week if I lived in the states and could really coupon. Bad news people, bad news.

The good news though, after my errands today and the costco trip yesterday… it was only an hour or two of work today to put all my meals together for the week. I had picked up a few more tupperwear containers so I had just enough to do my meals for the full monday-friday.

Oh yes, five of all of my meals. Cooked, measured, prepped. I even got slightly OCD and tried to keep each meal having a different size/shape container to make sure I grab the right one if I’m in a morning fog one day.

JAN 22 008

I am certainly crazy…. but I love my routine, I love being organized and I love feeling like I can come home from work, make my bedtime meal and crash on the couch and be a lazy bum with the Fritz.

It’s been a busy, but not really that exciting weekend.

After a full week of work, in prep, living with the family AND trying to maintain a social life with the bestie I feel like it’s…. different than my life in Montreal, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s hectic and a bit crazy, but it just feels right and good. Everything really feels like it’s falling into place and going so well.

Yes… that previous statement has a bit to do with my thoughts on my progress pictures from this morning. But I’ll get into that tomorrow. I want to wait until I head back from the coach so i can do a full recap for 13 weeks out.

But yeah… it’ll be good news.

How was everyone else’s weekend!?

  1. It definitely sounds like everything is falling into place for you, which is SO exciting 😀

    After all of my snow mishaps in Montana (car getting stuck in a ditch x 49 or so, falling down a full flight of icy stairs, that one time in April it snowed so hard that snow came in UNDER OUR DOOR…) I think I’ll be very happy if I never see another snowflake in person as long as I live. Y U C K. I do not envy you.

  2. I’m so excited for you. I just started classes today and I’m already thinking…is it Friday yet? HA. Anyways-that aspargus container is the cutest thing in the world. I wish it wasn’t so damn expensive . True story.

  3. I think you are the most organized person ever…and I love it!

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