Lets Talk Crazy Talk

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s really no big secret that 90% of people base their “diet” on a silly little number that the scale says.


And no, I’m not judging because I’ve obviously struggled with this. I’m only human after all.

The first four preps I did I lived for the scale. Some weeks more than others. If things were going down and looking good I’d be fine only hopping on once or twice a week just to check in with Joe.

…. But if it wasn’t looking good?

Ugh. My mood was determined by a silly little (probably wrong anyway) number.

When I joined Blueprint back at the end of November the scale part of prep was clear. Give a starting weight and a show day weight. The days, weeks, numbers in between mean nothing.

At first I didn’t even have a battery in my scale, and really didn’t care. Every now and then I’d pop the battery out of my food scale and check in and really, things were dropping, but I was SEEING it more so than any number ever told me. I could see how I was reacting to foods, watching my clothing get too big again, seeing the changes in the mirror.

And you know what? I felt a lot less stressed waking up on Saturday mornings knowing that I didn’t have to get on a scale…. and usually wouldn’t.

On the weekend I had to take the usual progress photos to send off. Just out of curiosity I pulled the scale out from way under the bed and hopped on. I have never given my weight on the blog and really don’t intend to start now, but I will say this. I was shocked.

Like really shocked. I knew I had been losing and my jeans were fitting again but yeah, shocked.

As I sat around later the number popped back in my head and I realized what that number was.

… Pretty much the exact number I saw one week out from all THREE of my first shows.

I’m still 13 weeks out and while I REALLY don’t feel anywhere near ready to step on a stage, it really reminded me just how far I’ve come in the last two years. While I’m not depleted out like I was in those photos, I still look lean, I have more shape to my arms (FINALLY) and yeah, I kind of like my legs.

same weight

(Yeah.. I’m pasty white. It’s a mid january Canadian thing people)

All four of those photos are within 2-3 lbs of each other. The miracle of all the photos/excels/emails saved on the old USB drive. I can’t stress enough to take pictures if you’re trying to track progress!


It’s been a long two years…. hello, just looking at the locations of those four photos shows three mega changes in my life in two years, but inside there’s been so many too. Mentally, physically, emotionally I feel so much stronger. The number on the scale and 100 cal packs aren’t ruling my life. I’m still pushing and striving to better myself, but it feels so healthy and different than it did years ago.

Looking back on the first photo from May 8th… I was an emotionally broken, but not beaten girl. I was so afraid of my new life and what was going to change. I honestly had no idea what was coming, but I wouldn’t change any of it for a second. Back then the scale was everything. It told me if I would have a good day… if my then boyfriend would question me that day… if I would enjoy my weekend.

Now? Not so much.

Yes, there are ups and downs and still a long way to go but I feel so much better say a big old F you to the scale hiding under my bed and just getting up everyday and doing my thing for me. Not for a number or anyone else. Just me and my goals.

Simple enough. Too bad I didn’t think of this mindset 10 years ago.

Do you weigh in? How do you feel about scales?

  1. Ann says:

    I check my weight, but it doesn’t rule my life! The most important thing is my HEALTH! My doctor checks my weight but worries about everything else.

  2. Michelle says:

    I rarely check my weight – and when I do it’s at Publix (grocery store) or at the Dr’s. How my clothes fit definitely tell the whole story more than a scale ever would! I know so many people who obsess about weight and that little number daily. I’m not going to lie that used to be me. But since I gave it up it’s a like a huge weight (no pun intended) has been lifted off my shoulders.

  3. thisfitchick says:

    i never weigh myself.. I genuinely just base things off how I look- there are SO many fluctuations in our bodies that could cause the number to go up or down.. its really silly to focus on that

  4. I step on the scale about once a week & it’s at the gym (I won’t buy one for our house). I like to keep myself in check. I don’t really track my food anymore. I’m very aware of what I’m eating so I generally have an idea of where I’m at in that depot.

    I can’t believe how fast you got here! Insane! You sound so much more focused and confident in your prep.
    Keep it up!

  5. Julie says:

    I check my weight once a week, mainly because I am trying to lose 100lbs. But I used to hop on the scale every morning and you are right, it would be completely stressfull to have that number floating around determining how the day is going to go.

    Your progress gives me so much hope on what can be accomplished in just a few years!! Good Work!!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    This is a great post and you look fantastic! I weigh once a week if I feel like maybe I lost some weight lol. I don’t always though because I just go off of how my clothes are fitting. Scales are mean anyways 😛

  7. wonderful post chica!!!!!
    i too,used to be ruled by the scale,especially during prep!
    but a few years ago when i thought i had given up competeing forever,thats when i tossed the scale out the window. it took me a good year away from comps to pull myself together both physically and mentally. in that time,i learned how to balance my life better,balance family and fitness and work..and keep my sanity during prep. when i finally got the guts to compete again,i started using measuremnts instead of weighing,and that helped so much,and it was such a relief to not worry about the scale. i would do the occasional weigh in ,maybe once every 4-5 months,and even though i dont check the scale anymore,i do have an idea of where i am weight wise based on how my clothes are fitting and the measuring tape…
    and now that im preggo again…..sad to say but i turn around backwards on the scale and let the nurse know that i dont want to know the # and to tell me if im gaining too fast or slow or just right!
    i do get the eye rolls,but hey,whatever makes a pregnant lady happy!

    anyways,glad to hear you are feeling so confidant going in this prep,and it seems you have really changed your mindset in comparrison to firstcomp and are in a really really good place mentally right now. you really HAVE come such a long way in 2 years,but all for the better!!
    your awesome!


  8. It’s funny because I was just talking to someone else about the same thing! I weigh in once every other week or so. Just to check in and make sure nothing crazy is going on. But I prefer watching myself closely with the tape measure. It is a much clearer read of what I’m concerned about.

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