Being Prepared, Free Stuff and Coupons!

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m a little all over the place today. (Is it really any different from any other day?)

I can say that when I left the gym today I didn’t NEED a cup of coffee… physically. I got to bed at 9:30 last night. Slept decently. Woke up just before the alarm. I had an awesome chest/quad workout and surprisingly wasn’t plagued with the joint pain in my wrists like I’ve been having. Delicious!

… but mentally.

Oh yes, how I needed that cup of coffee for my mental sanity before work. A quick drive across to the mall, a dash in with my tervis tumbler and I was back in the car eating my apple and vitamins with the wonderful smell of peppermint coffee filling the car.

We had a substitute trainer at work and even with the computer systems being down 1/3 of the day we got more done, learned more and had a much less boring day than usual. So thankful for that.

Also thankful for coming home to MAIL! My envelope of coupons from Brand Saver showed up. If I can save money on basic stuff I have to buy (…. you know, hair dye, mascara and shampoo because I’m so high maintenance) then why not?!

JAN 22 011

Last week I took part in a facebook chat with Sara Fennel and won a give away. You know how I love my free stuff.

 JAN 22 012 

Status magazine, a bunch of pre workout and protein samples, a multivitamin and a joint care supplement.

I’m actually super excited about this… why? Well I only have one multi left in my bottle and I’m poor, and obviously my joints have been in rough shape lately so the joint care supplement is something I’m really looking forward to giving a try.

And now to finish my randomness…. Someone asked me why I always pack meals. Even if I don’t think I need it.

Let’s give this scenario, before I started work I was picking mom up from work at 3:45-4pm. My meal is at 4pm and while normally I could just wait until 4:15 when we get home to eat, I never know if we have to stop or go out, so I pack my meal and eat while she drives home.

(side note: I will not drive when my mom is in the car. Never have, never will)

One of the last days I had to pick her up I pull up and go to get out, and she tells me to stay she had a case and would be late. Instead of having to drive home and get food while i waited (a giant pain in my butt) I simply drove to Java moose, got me a coffee and plopped down with my food, my water and a book of cheap suduko puzzles I had in my purse.

jan 001

My meals are almost always premade anyway. Grabbing a tupperwear and tossing it in my purse doesn’t take any effort, so why not pack that meal to avoid any complications?

I don’t see this as obsessive or crazy, this is me having a plan.

Do you plan ahead and take food with you? … or just grab and go takeout style?

  1. Love coupons. The other day I found some for the pancake mix and I got super excited. HA. As far as food planning goes-I attempt to plan ahead but if I’m craving something else than that is what I’ll have. So I food plan then change my mind.

  2. sanleh78 says:

    I’ve always packed my meals. It just saves so much money!! Now that I’m prepping for a show, my fridge looks like yours (tupperware central) ;). Everything is measured, prepacked and just needs to go into my little cooler bag in the morning before work. Love that routine – great feeling to be prepared (and almost a little OCD hehe).

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I definitely prepare my meals the night before. I hate 3 day old chicken haha!

  4. Dawn says:

    I use to just wait to eat until I got home but then sawi would get cranky or overheat. When I did get home. My husband is use to me taking food with me and stopping to eat between whatever we are doing. It’s starting to become “normal”

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