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Posted: January 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

I hate rest days. I really do.

You’d think they’d be awesome, sleeping in, relaxing, recovering… all that blah blah blah.

But it’s the total opposite.

I slept in until 7 today. I took my sweet ass time getting ready and of course rushed out the door thinking I was going to be late. Yet I still found myself pulling into the mall parking lot and running into JavaMoose.

christmas 042 Random though, I still made it to work early and spent ten minutes flipping through emails on my phone and eating my apple and vitamins in the car before heading in.

The negative attitude of some people I work with is really starting to wear me thin. Yes, I can ignore it… to a certain point…. but sometimes it’s just over the top and I’m struggling with tuning it out. Sure this is not the best job in the world and no, I have no intentions of being there long term but you know what, if you don’t like it, if it’s such a horrible job, if you hate it that much, there’s the door. Use it.

Unfortunately  as I sat in the car at 5 eating my dinner I was holding back tears. I was so frustrated and upset over the stupidest things and I was mad at myself more than anything for letting it get to me. I wish I could have gone to the gym, even just to do posing practice or cardio or anything to make myself feel better.

Without my morning workouts I feel like my routine is off and I’m not a fan. I’m looking forward to getting to bed early tonight and heading off to the gym in the morning. Sadly I’m even looking forward to cardio post back/ab workout just to get my frustrations out.

On the bright side I DID get a perfect score on my test that I had yesterday. There are two more and apparently only one person has ever gotten 100% on all three in the province. My goal is now to be the second. How hard can it be? Gives me something to work towards while I’m there anyway!

So yes… I’m cranky tonight. Rest days during the week just drain me for some reason. Obviously it’s something I need to learn to deal with, but it takes time I guess.

Tomorrow will be a better day. And Friday is well… Friday AND pay day (a much needed pay day at that) so it’s all downhill from here!

How do you feel about rest days?

  1. D. says:

    I hear you. Sometimes I have days at work where I walk home in tears just from tension that’s been building up all day.

    On a brighter note, I am jealous of this Javamoose that you speak of. Friends of mine from Saint John rave about it and it looks delicious. Wish they’d come to Ottawa or even NL so I can have it when I’m home!

  2. Awe girl sorry to hear today wasn’t that great. I’m the same way though-rest days make me cringe (somewhat). Anyways-I I hope you cheer up and your job gets a little more enjoyable. 🙂

  3. Victoria says:

    I also hate rest days and want to punch people I work with when I can’t work out in the morning. Boo.

  4. I get this. Some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue, right? Not that that makes it any better. Bleagh.

    I hope tomorrow’s awesome and you ace both of your tests =D

  5. Ann says:

    I’m sorry your struggling at work. It’s difficult to tune that sort of thing out….I hope that your day is better tomorrow.

  6. Emilia says:

    I’m sorry you’re having difficulties with work, that just stinks. Those troubles are always so hard to tune out of. All I can say is that I hope you can work hard, focus on the good and get through them. They will pass soon, they have to 🙂

  7. Donloree says:

    Yup. Rest days kinda suck….unless I get to sleep the WHOLE day. 😉 Seriously though, the endorphins and toxin cleanse of working out is sorely missed. I sometimes just do 30 minutes of light cardio to get my body moving and call it rest. 😀

  8. Tiff says:

    Had to take an unplanned healing rest day today, and I’m still pouting about it. I mean, it’s for the greater good, but gaaaah

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