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…. or lack thereof.

I got my checkin reply back (um… on Tuesday. Kind of slacked on updating when I was being cranky) and everything is staying the same until February 4th. Well, you know the whole “keep pushing heavier, etc etc” was thrown in, but the meals, the workouts, the cardio. No changes.

And um…. Even since I took these photos Sunday I’ve seen an even bigger change. It’s funny, I really thought I would miss eating a mountain of veggies but you know what I don’t miss about that? The preggo belly I had by the end of the day. I always used to end the day with a belly that was totally gross…. but now? Um, little to no change from morning to night.

Could it be the lower amounts of veggies? Saying goodbye to wheat? The end of all dairy? A totally new approach to dieting?

Who freaking knows. Not me. But I’m really really REALLY excited about where things are going.

jan 7-jan 22 front I know there is still a long way to go to get to my goal… but in the grand scheme of things it’s really only about ten pounds (give or take) that I suspect I’ll drop…. in twelve weeks (OH.EM.GEE.)

A comment was made by the coach that his biggest worry right now is me “fading away” like many figure competitors do.

Um…me? Fade away? I never thought THAT would be said about me.

But it’s comforting. Oddly… but yes, comforting. That’s always my biggest fear, ending up being that scrawny, hungry, over-cardio’d person I became years ago.

jan 7-jan 22 side  So as of this coming Saturday there is twelve weeks left.

It’s a little scary, but like for everything else in life, Pinterest is the answer. I found this Nike ad and it sums up how I’ve been approaching this prep.


I’ve only competed with the Idfa in Ontario and Quebec. I haven’t lived in the Maritimes where my show is for eight years. I am completely unknown to everyone. In such a small, tight knit fitness/bodybuilding community where everyone knows everyone I’m going to be walking onto the stage and want people to stop and say "who is that chick?!”

… In a good way.

It’s all or nothing at this point. Every workout, every meal, every time i step into the studio to practice posing…. it’s nothing less than 100%.

  1. That’s my fave Nike ad. It’s a quote to live by. You can see the change from 3 weeks ago! Amazing.

  2. Tenecia says:

    Love the ad – I’m adding it to my favorite pics folder 🙂

    What did your coach mean by “fading away”? I’m curious….


  3. You look fab! I can see major changes from the 7th to the 22nd- lines in your shoulders and your super flat tummy. Wow!

  4. April says:

    That’s a huge change! I’m excited to see what the next 12 weeks will bring!!!

  5. “like everything else in life, Pinterest is the answer”

    How is it that I lived so long without it? Seriously… within 2-3 months, I’ve become obsessed.

  6. I see a difference in your stomach, you are such a bad ass!

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