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Posted: January 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today was my rest day…. I was worried I’d wake up in a ton of pain since i FINALLY tried chest dips yesterday. They’ve been in my plans since the beginning but we’ve always subbed something in since they destroy my bum wrist. Why I decided to finally give in and try them yesterday I dont know, but I did… and I woke up pain free.

Well, at least in my wrist. My hip was a bit achy but once I got going no problems!

It was a nice lazy morning, showered and got ready at home, stopped in at Javamoose for some beans and a coffee and headed off to work.

Things are getting much better at work which is nice! The negativity has moved across the room and is very easy to tune out now. Awesome.

After work it was right home for birthday celebrations for my dad. Pretty chill since he was unfortunately home from work sick (… and fritz was not so well behaved today I’m told), but everyone came up for cake and well… I did what I do best.

Live vicariously through Griffin.

JAN 22 Open mouth, insert cake.

I don’t know what it was tonight but i just wanted to dive head first into the cake. Even though mom said it was dry and just meh.

Okay, really, it wasn’t about the cake, it was all about the thick fudge like chocolate icing all over it. Clearly my distaste for cupcakes is similar to plain old cake. Give me a cookie with frosting and I’m golden.

Speaking of golden…

Last year for my birthday I bought myself some non-jean pants (something I rarely do… because I hate pants)… they actually didn’t fit when I bought them, but ended up loving them towards the end of prep.

While I woke up feeling chubby this morning (I blame rest days… and cardio. It’s always cardio’s fault) for some reason I found myself opening the drawer with my “super prep clothes” in it and pulling them out.

… and then digging around in a box for a belt since they were hanging a bit low for work.

Guess that kicked my fat day to the curb pretty fast.

Happy Monday!

  1. allieksmith says:

    I’m glad you kicked your “fat day” to the curb 🙂 boo-ya!

    Griffin is adorable!

  2. Hell yeah. That’s whats up girl. I dug into some ice cream and cake today. So I took that for ya. 😉

  3. I love having clothes in a whole range of sizes so I can REALLY measure exactly where I am versus relying on the scale / my crazy-ass distorted perception!

  4. Sarah says:

    I agree with Sable, it does wonders for self esteem when we quickly pop into a smaller size and realize that everything is ok and were blowing/trying to blow things outta proportion!!! Happy for you :))
    Oh and Griffin’s adorable!

  5. Congrats on workin the sexy jeans so soon! It probably mad you feel better about not snatching Griffin’s cake! lol! My niece is basically on a cheese & cookie diet. I am jealous of a two year old. Don’t feel bad.

  6. Lisa says:

    First, yay for the drama moving somewhere else at work! Second, how cute is that little boy? Simply adorable. And third, hells to the yea with the pants!!!

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