My Kind of Superbowl

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

wait… is Superbowl one word or two?

Oh wait a second. I don’t care.

Unless of course this is the kind of superbowl you’re talking about.

halloween 027

halloween 037


Dec 18 049

halloween 068

Soooo yeah… a little bit hungry lately. Mostly in the mornings between my apple meal and egg white meal. Usually especially bad on cardio days.

… Cardio is the root of all evil I tell you.

Saturday I did a little road trip up to Fredericton to finally workout/meet with the team and do some posing and all that fun stuff. Totally cool being able to meet the team and get to know everyone. Much different vibe than before which is awesome.

I’ll get back to that tomorrow when I hear back from the coach on my checkin and the progress photos we took while i was there. I’m (im)patiently waiting for a response as always!

Are you watching the game? Or hiding out like mom and I watching crappy tv?!

  1. Superbowl (one word) can mean a couple of things:
    1. A giant (super) bowl of ice cream = excellent
    2. A superb owl = yep, pretty cool
    3. Super Bowl, football = is it over yet?

  2. I pretty much died at your first line (hence why you get quote of the day!). Anyways-I could care less about the superbowl. Your superbowls look more interesting to me…just saying.

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