A Diet is a Diet is a Diet

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Friday marks the end of my four week classroom training at work.

(wow…. I’ve been employed with a normal 9-5 for almost a month. Crazy talk)

Apparently to celebrate passing the tests/surviving/not losing our sanity we get a “party”. After a (not so) quick vote with the 22 people in my class they decided on ordering a ton of party pizzas and a few people bringing in salads and such, plus cheesecake from our trainer.

Honestly, even if i wasn’t in prep that really wouldn’t sound that great to me. I’m picky about my food and really dont care who knows it. I like to enjoy it and yeah. Anyway.

One other girl in the class pointed out she won’t be taking part due to food issues. She regularly (read: daily) eats 3-4 bags of chips in a day, drinks from a 2L of pop under her desk and I have never seen her eat another other than candy/chips… yet this was not questioned.

Another girl is a gluten free vegan. No questions asked, you can bring your own food or order something special if you’d like.

I will say first before I even begin my story that my lifestyle is not a secret. I have got a lot of questions over my meals, and have answered them honestly and with little judgment. I have spoken to my supervisor about taking time off for my show (… don’t even get me started…) and I do occasionally show up with my jumbo gym bag. I’m clearly a fitness/health/gym bum.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way.

As they were doing the final count and decision I slowly raised my hand.


“Please don’t count me in, I’ll bring my own food thanks”


Sadly even with previous reactions to me saying no thanks to food I assume since the other two people weren’t questioned, I wouldn’t be either.

I admit I got a bit flustered and simply said I don’t eat pizza and will bring my own food.

“You don’t eat pizza?”

No, I would just prefer to bring my own food thanks.

*enter the dreaded blank stare*

Normally five o’clock would come, I’d punch out, heat up my steak and potatoes and go sit out in the car to eat while it warms up. Yet after that conversation I found myself seriously annoyed.

Why was I questioned when the other two girls weren’t.

Being a gluten free vegan is purely by choice. I actually really enjoy talking to this chick and think she’s great… but she does not have celiac’s and obviously being vegan is a personal choice.

…. just like competing is my personal choice.

drama I could understand if I was unhealthy or being destructive with my choices.

(FYI: If I ever do that, please please please stage an intervention on tv. I love that show and if I have to have it happen, I want it on tv folks)

… but I’m not.

If anything I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been in my life.

Do I choose to eat certain foods and stick to a schedule? Of course I do, but that’s my choice and my lifestyle.

june 20 012

Do I think my decision to compete is extreme? No, not really. I honestly don’t think of prep (or offseason for that matter) as “dieting”, it’s just my healthy lifestyle now.

Is it extreme to other people? Yes, no, maybe, probably?

But how is being a gluten free vegan any different?

Hello, I still eat meat and eggs people! That’s less extreme right?!

turkey A diet is a diet is a diet.

No matter what way you look at it, any diet that is taken on, by choice, is just that. The choice of the person.

Yes, my “diet” has a lifestyle attached to it. To me, it’s the total package, the meals, the water, the vitamins, the gym. Everything in my lifestyle. I have no issues explaining it, giving details, talking about it…. or not talking about it and just doing my thing. Do I force people to go to the gym with me? Tell them it’s my way or the highway?

Do I think it’s great if someone asks for my advice or say that I inspire them to workout or eat better? Of course, who doesn’t want their loved ones to be healthy and active with them?


But we’re all grown ups here.

We make our own choices and live our own lives. I don’t think anyone should get special treatment because their choice is more mainstream or acceptable.

So all my little rant really is saying is don’t judge people for their choices, no matter how different or “strange” they may seem.

… even crazy people have feelings you know.

  1. Victoria says:

    That is SUCH B.S. The only reason to ask who would be bringing their own food is to get a headcount for the group order. So your reason for not partaking is irrelevant. Jerks.

  2. That is kind of annoying. I mean, I get that people are curious about what other people eat…BUT….if you were like, “Oh all of you people LIKE PIZZA?!?!??! WEIRDOS!!!!” everyone would call *you* rude. Ya know?

  3. “I don’t eat pizza.”


    “Because it’s greasy and disgusting and I prefer steak.”


  4. People always want to bring down the others that they are jealous of. Take it as a compliment. And next time lie, say you are allergic… to stupid ppl (or dairy, yeah, that would probably go over better, more civilized and all.)

  5. Trey Ramsey says:

    It’s amazing to me how someone who chooses to eat healthy and be fit can be “looked down” upon by “normal people.” I don’t say things (or care) if my co-workers want to live off pizza and popcorn and I really don’t care (or want to hear) their opinions about my diet and exercise regimen. Great post!

  6. anonymous says:

    “People always want to bring down the others that they are jealous of.”

    Totally agree with this!

  7. wow,GREAT post!
    when i worked full time,i went through the SAME issues…..
    hang in there,keep doing what your doing casuse your as cool as the other side of the pillow!

  8. Lisa says:

    Ridiculous. I have to agree with Trey. I work with a bunch of dudes (color me happy, no drama!) One of them works out religiously and has since high school but rarely eats and admits that. The others don’t work out at all or bought a memebership to the gym, went a few times and then quit. All the others eat like crap, pizza, fast food, etc. However, it’s not my place to say anything to them. They do say things about my food all the time. Especially when I re-heat fish, they love that smell =) It gets tiring explaning yourself!

  9. People are haters. That’s why they questioned you. The chip eater chose their lifestyle just like the vegan. You prefer non processed food and that’s somehow frowned upon?! I used to work at a place that gave me a lot of unwanted comments about what I eat. PB & Greek yogurt once earned me the question,”so when are you gonna go back to eating real food?” or the best one “you deprive yourself”. I probably eat more than most people. I’m far from deprived.

    While the question is when is everyone else gonna start eating real food?! I love me my desserts, but I do it in moderation and eat clean about 90% of the time.

    Your rant inspired my rant. Sorry Bec. I just had to bitch it out. Lol

    • Trey Ramsey says:

      I’m with you. Moderation is key. Most people have no clue. I’ve been in a training class all week with others in my profession from different companies and from different parts of the country. Every day I lugged my soft-sided cooler into the classroom and every 2-3 hours snacked on my usual fare of yogurt, natural PB, whey/casein protein supplements, fresh fruit, turkey, chicken, etc. I would get the odd look or two and the occasional question like, “So – your into the whole fitness thing?” That was usually followed by something like, “Yeah – I used to do that stuff, too.” or “I gotta have real food.” Of course – the guy who has to have real food also shared with me that his doctor told him he is developing Type II diabetes and needs to drop 60-70 lbs. Duh!

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