Good News, Bad News

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

The good news?

This morning I woke up at 5:14am. One minute before my alarm.

The bad news?

My alarm was set for 6:30 today.

caff I dozed a bit, but once mom and dad got up around 5:30 I was pretty much up. Lame.

Finally dragged my butt out from under the fritz and out of bed at 6;30 and settled into the couch to eat. Oh how i love waking up right at meal time. That whole sitting around thing waiting just blows.

… and it’s kind of fun eating my mousse like protein goop in the morning.

Dad dropped me off at java moose at 8 and I grabbed a jumbo coffee (cinnamon almond macaroon… mmm) and plopped myself into one of the most comfy chairs ever and read my book for a good 45 minutes… before grabbing another cup of coffee and heading over to work.

Was a bit of a long day, but I did finish my book?

As soon as I punched out at 5 I heated my meal up and headed…. to the gym….

There’s nothing I love more than the after work crowd!

 halloween 043

Observations:  way too much GTL going on, apparently if you take the 5pm kickboxing/look like a fool class you NEED to wear black pants with a hot pink tank top, zumba is SUPER hilarious to watch perched from my stepmill, the girl who constantly talks about in the lunch room needs to pick up something other than pink 1lb dumbbells and…. it was kind of nice seeing some of the old mid morning regulars who were there at the weird time.

A guy I used to see 99% of the time when I was part of the (… unemployed on my part) mid morning crowd was there and while I have no idea what his name is, what he does, or anything about him other than he’s a good spotter, was there tonight and I haven’t seen him probably since I moved to Moncton back in September.

Yeah… I got the “ummm…. look different much” comment.

Yes indeed. Almost 20 pounds worth of different thank you very much.

As much as I was dreading the workout, especially caffeine free, it really was pretty good. Well, except for the giant knot that seemed to form itself in my behind half way through my first (of 6) sets of walking lunges. Ouch. Not pleasant.

Tomorrow is my rest day. Thankfully. I’m hurting.

And then Saturday? Yup, training plan #3 begins.

Saturday looks painful. Very painful. But in a good way. I’m excited.

…. and promise I will not bitch and moan about more cardio. It’s only 5 more minutes of upper body/ab days with the new 20 minute addition on leg day sticking around. The changes are happening and that’s what’s driving me forward now. I notice changes almost daily lately, small things, but changes.

Tomorrow is my first full pay check since starting this job. thinking I may hit up the sale rack at American Eagle after work and see if I can find a new pair of jeans. My old prep sized 0’s  are pulled on and off without unbuttoning them or even opening my belt. Awesome. Fast and easy. Who doesn’t love that?

Happy Thursday folks! Anyone looking forward to anything wild and crazy this weekend?!

… I’m certainly not. Saturday is gym, groceries and meal prep. Sunday…. I’m back to work. Bitchin’

  1. Laura says:

    This is awkward….I think I was in that kickboxing class you mentioned. Thankfully I was wearing the color blue but the abundance of pink tank tops did get called out on in the class! 🙂

  2. I have noticed some major GTL at my gym, even at 4:30am. I’m there to sweat and get down and dirty, please don’t try and make small talk with me, and if you insist on going 1.1 on the tread with a magazine…omg, just please don’t go next to me.

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