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Posted: February 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

photo (21)

The storm we got yesterday was a nasty one. Rain, then snow, then windddddddddd and bitter cold!

Knowing my gym opens at 8am on weekends and I had to be at work at 10:30 (next door to the gym) timing was going to be everything, especially being the second day of my new workout plan. I had a feeling it would be a shorter workout, but I was still nervous.

So I set my alarm for 6:45 and had everything ready to go. Oh how an automatic car starter rocks in these situations. While i sipped a small cup of coffee (to compliment my jumbo travel mug) and get my stuff ready the car was warming up and (hopefully!) melting the inch of ice under the almost foot of snow on the car.

Around seven I bundled up and tossed my bag in the car. I shoveled the deck off (ugh), brushed off the car and scrapped down the ice… then promptly got about 5 feet closer to the end of the driveway…. which was still a good 50 feet away. Mom saw me getting frustrated and woke dad up to come to my rescue. He clearly had more patience than me and by 7:20 I was on my way to the gym.

Despite being still covered the roads weren’t bad at all and I pulled into the gym just around 7:55…. and the parking lot was empty. There was a car in front of me that slowed down in front of the gym, but seeing the giant snow drift kept going. I started to panic, knowing I:

A) Seriously needed a shower, workout or not

B) Would only have an hour after work at best to do my workout. Not cool.

I parked and hoped for the best. The car that drove past circled back and pulled up next to me. In the drivers seat? The girl who works the desk. WOO! I was alone for the first 45 minutes of my workout which was lame and boring…. but I had a great workout.

photo (20) Cardio was definitely rushed. I managed to get in my 30 minutes, with a not so great 2 minute cooldown, and zero stretching. But it was done. I was in the shower just after ten, and running into the office at 10:25.

Nothing like being low maintenance… aka a bum… to ensure you’re on time for work!

After a few hours of class it was all day on the phones. Eek. The first real time. Honestly I was nervous, but it really wasn’t bad. I only had two people scream at me, one didn’t bother me but the other one stressed me out beyond words. Mostly because he kept switching between english… and chinese. I couldn’t understand a thing. It’s not a dream job by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a job I can see myself not hating, so hey, it’s better than expected!

Now unfortunately I can’t decide if I’m fighting off a cold or the weather is just screwing with my nose and head. Ugh. Everyone and their mother has been sick at work and I’ve been lucky so far (knock on wood!) so here’s hoping I wake up back to normal tomorrow!

And now… to bed I go! Only four more days until two full days off! WOO! The countdown is on!

How was your weekend?! Was I the only one working?!

  1. The weather really hasn’t been that bad out here, so it’s been odd reading about all the crap that’s happening out to the east. Hope it’s calmed down a bit!

    I don’t work weekends, but I used to. It’s never fun, but it can be relaxing at times. Chin up… you’re going to get all kinds. I never did CS, but tech had all kinds of fun people calling in.

    Question though … How d’you shower at the gym? Is that a phobia that I have, or are there lots of people who don’t? I … don’t know why.

    Good to see that you made it through, though!

    • ihearteggs says:

      I’ve always showered at the gym when I’m in prep. It’s just… easier. And my gyms have always had decent showers. pack my stuff, flip flops. Meh, never had anyu isseus!

  2. Have to love the tundra like weather! Winter can make getting to the gym a bit of an adventure, but once you’re there it’s worth it!

  3. HA yay! I’m glad you were able to workout in the morning. I had cold rain that turns to ice. Certainly my least favorite weather ever. I love being low maintenance and able to go from point a to b with a workout in between. 😉

  4. Wisconsin has been having a mild and crazy winter – usually I’m right there with you with crazy winter storms! I’m jealous of your remote car starter though. I always wish I had one when it’s cold out and you need to let the car warm up since if I’m walking to where my car is housed I’m definitely not making it more than once in a cold morning.

    Being low maintenance is definitely a blessing if you ask me. Glad you were able to fit everything in yesterday morning and enjoy a quite gym.

  5. allieksmith says:

    Ahh, crazy weather–good times 😉

    I wish I had a remote car starter! It is so cool that your gym is right next to your office 😀

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