Ten Weeks Out… Whiter Than Ever Before

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

There’s nothing like being a Canadian in the dead of winter.

Even considering the big storm we had on the weekend I can say there really hasn’t been much to show for “winter” this year. I’ve even been known to (frequently) run around town in capri leggings and a hoodie it’s been that warm.

Sadly this little weather fact does not mean I’ve got any form of daylight effecting my skin color right now. I’m a striking shade of white and it seriously shows with my mom’s new camera that I borrowed for my progress photos this week. eek. So please be warned, it’s not pretty.

With that out of the way I can say things are really really really going well….. in my opinion anyway. Ten weeks out is generally when I start to have a little bit of a freak out. It’s right around the halfway point to the show, I feel behind, I feel ahead, I feel hungry. It’s just…. confusing.

With my new meal plan change I got last week my hunger is much much better. I was finding mornings a bit rough, so we did a few switch ups and changes and not only is the change tasty, but it’s more filling. A win in my books.

I’m also now halfway though my first four days of my new training plan. With those two workouts I can say… well, I want to say that my coach is trying to kill me, but really he’s only half the equation. Yes, he writes my workouts, but I’m the one who does them… and then adds 5 or 10lbs to it.


The workouts are longer than I’m used to, but the cardio is less so it kind of evens it all out in the end. And really, I would much much rather spend my time in the gym in the weight room than on a stepmill, so whatever. The changes are happening. It’s really weird the differences I’m seeing this time around. I know I’ve said that a lot, but it’s the truth.

I’m sure avoiding the scale probably helps. Honestly it’s been probably two weeks since I’ve stepped on it and I know what I *think* my weight is right now based on how I look, so I’m choosing not to get on it simply because I don’t want to crush the good feeling I’ve got if it doesn’t match up with a silly number.

So without further ado. Excuse the different sizes…. I’m having some slight computer issues that my head cold is making way too challenging for me tonight. you get the idea.

January 22nd until Feb 11th. Three weeks of work. Yes, I’m aware I’m composed of 75% ribs. Hot.

jan 22 frontfeb 11 front


jan 22 rt side    feb 11 rt side   

So there you have it…. ten weeks to go.

This year I feel like there is nothing that can stop me. It’s my turn to move on to bigger and better things. Everything just feels…. different. As crazy as that sounds.

Maybe the switch is finally fully switched, but I don’t crave different foods… actually I do, but it’s sadly brussels sprouts and random stuff like that… I don’t find myself dragging and whining about cardio or a workout. It all just feels… right how it should.

I’m a little nervous that yes, I did throw top five out there as my goal, especially knowing I’m going up against girls on… special vitamins… but to me if i step on stage knowing I’m the best I can be and gave every bit every day, that’s all I can ask for.

No, that doesn’t mean I’m giving up my top five goal by ANY stretch, I’m just a realist and want to be sure to say I will not be disappointed if I don’t get it, but I will step on stage knowing I did everything possible in my power to make that placing possible.

I have had a few prep/training/diet questions and comments lately and was asked to update my training/prep FAQ. I’m going to start putting that together, so if you have any questions or comments you want addressed, leave a comment, send me an email (beccaheartseggs@gmail.com) or even formspring it if you’d prefer to keep it anonymous!

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s bedtime. This cold needs to be slept off!

  1. Genie says:

    Awe. Boo. Not everyone in the top 5 are on “special vitamins”. Heck, they might not even know what the heck is fully going on (speaking from experience. LOL). Keep doing your thang!!! 🙂

  2. Tess says:

    You go girl!!! Natural aways wins no matter what place you come in 😉

  3. I love it. Girl I totally get you with the weather. I don’t even understand why people are complaining because it’s been so nice. Like it’s not been negative 30 you morons. Anyways-your progress picks look great.

  4. I need to get on formspring!!!

    And ugh about the special vitamins. It’s too bad the truly natural leagues are *typically* so tiny/underfunded (ie not having many shows) but I guess that’s the nature of the beast! It’s the same way in powerlifting of course…. BUT *typically* (not always — not even close to always) the women on special vitamins in PLing are in the higher weight classes. One can always tell too… if you are benching 600lbs and you are a woman you are not natural. Sorry! haha

  5. Lisa says:

    Looking on point girl. Keep up the great work =)

  6. Elizabeth says:

    You look amazing! 😀 Very awesome!

  7. chelsea says:

    Looking lean! Keep it up…..so excited for you!

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