Hunger vs Feeling Full

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today was a surprisingly good and very easy, fast day at work. I actually refused to say that out loud until I got into the house at 7:30 tonight for fear that if I mentioned it mid shift my day would go to hell in a hand basket as they say.

I only had one tough call but I was in such a good mood and knew I was right that it really didn’t bother me. Plus he was just yelling the same thing over and over, not actually calling me stupid or anything so I just laughed it off.

Our hours are slightly cut at work (only 30 minutes a day) and depending on the day and shift you could have an hour lunch or come/go 30 minutes earlier or later. Today and tomorrow are days with an hour lunch. Honestly, not a huge fan, but hey, it is what it is right? I made good use of my time by eating my lunch, then heading over to the mall. I wandered a few laps of the mall to stretch my legs, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed back to work.

Not bad.

I did have a great workout pre-work today. It was very much under a time crunch, but I got my chest/ab workout done, and had told myself if i didn’t have time I could shower and then go do my cardio at lunch. But thankfully I had time to bust it out and get it over with. Sure, it means I had a 2 minute shower and just slapped on some makeup and messed up my hair while it dried, but it was all done and over with. Hooray!

The thing with today…. and a lot of times lately is…

I just don’t feel full.

capclassic 082 Every single day I have 8 meals.

Yes. E-I-G-H-T.

In the mornings I have some meals only an hour or hour and a half apart, and never go more than two hours without eating.

Hunger really just doesn’t register.

Dec 18 030 Every now and then sure, I do get a bit hungry

(yes, I blame cardio. Do I even have to say it anymore?)

But honestly, not that bad considering I am “technically dieting”.

But unfortunately I never really feel… Full.

It’s rare to have that “yum, that was awesome and I’m satisfied and happy” feeling. It’s more like… I wish my tupperwear was bigger or my head was smaller so I could lick every last drop out of it.

Dec 18 039 So yes… it sucks.

Normally it really doesn’t bother me, but there is just some days that I don’t know why or what clicks in my head but I just want to feel FULL. Not stuffed to the brim, back in the binge days (when I didn’t really ever feel full, but that’s another story…) just… satisfied.

A mega jumbo salad, a double serving of oats, some more veggies or… omg… an english muffin like in my old days.

I don’t regret the choice to switch to this different style of prep and give up my huge salads and piles of veggies. I mean really, they left me full, but not for long. I guess hunger and feeling full are a trade off while dieting? One or the other. You must choose?

boot I’m really just whiny and should go to bed.

If I should have learned anything from last week it’s that overtired Becca + work = disaster waiting to happen.

I’d like to avoid another meltdown at all costs. I’m not so cute when I cry all my makeup off you know.

… it’s actually kind of scary to see me without  makeup. So yeah, let’s avoid that. To bed I go!

Would you rather feel full…. or deal with hunger?

One last shout out for prep/training/general Becca questions! I’m HOPING to get that all typed up tomorrow!

  1. I understand that one. I used to eat three square meals a day roughly 800 cals and felt so full until the next meal. Such an interesting difference from now when I mostly just eat more smaller meals.

  2. Yep yep I get this. Honestly, I hated that feeling (the not-full, about-to-be-hungry feeling) SO MUCH from my days of contest prep dieting (I followed Max’s contest prep diet…and let us just say that it was NOT a great contest prep diet….I will not **publicly** name names but uhh email me before you pick an online contest prep coach, for realsies) that I dreaded my current diet for like, the entire 6 months I was putting on mass. So yeah. Hear ya.

    Also: I’m like that with my easy days at work too!!! If the phones aren’t ringing off the hook like they normally are, my coworker and I studiously ignore it / refuse to acknowledge it until like, the last 5 minutes of the day haha. We’ve never TALKED about it but I know it’s because neither of us wants to jinx it!

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