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Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

…. come to an end right?

Right as I was about to hit “log off” at work of course a call came in and I got stuck trying to explain roaming in two different countries. Ugh. Not a fan of those calls, especially at 7pm when I should be heating up dinner and heading out.

Regardless I finished up pretty fast and sat in the car eating my second to last meal for the day. I should have ate and drove though because as soon as I started onto the on ramp there was a back up of traffic.

Umm… this is Saint John. At 7pm. There is no traffic.

Turns out they were transporting a ginormous steal beam. Which means the highway was blocked as they crawled along…. at 40km/hr…. and then completely stopped traffic while the beam went across the harbour bridge with no other cars. My 20 minute drive home was almost an hour. Not impressed.

(Fyi: i was stuck in the outside lane and totally not able to get over to get off the highway. Trust me, I considered it)

Anyway. While parked at the start of the bridge I unlocked the phone and saw an email with the headline “Turkey time! … with a side of salmon please!” from the coach… and then traffic was moving so I had to wait until I got home to read it.

Well, Starting Sunday/Monday is my new meal plan. And with that, my favorite meals are coming to an end.

Yes, I’m saying goodbye to my twice a day love… steak… and a fair amount of my eggs.

JAN 22 003

I am however a little bit excited to see something back in the meal plan that I haven’t had since… December? Or maybe even before?

Let’s be real here, it’s been so long I don’t even remember. I want to say that I had one or two over my christmas day mini prep diet break… but I really think I only ate whites. Regardless. Welcome back to my life…. whole eggs!

april 4 008

So as of this weekend there will be some big things changing diet wise. I’m excited to see the changes. Slow and steady is totally winning the race and I’m excited. So we shall see.

There is a lot of turkey in my new plan. I’m debating on roasting whole turkeys or just sticking to the easy way out turkey breasts. I mean I HAVE roasted a whole turkey before.

nov25 003 It wasn’t…. pretty. I think there was at least 20 calls made to my mother, most of them involving me saying “are you SURE you cant drive 1000 miles to come remove the… giblets…. from this thing”

Yeah. Giblets. Yuck.

I’ve even roasted a few chickens too. You’d think the whole… giblets… thing would be easier after a while. Nope, no it’s not.

I also HATE touching raw meat. Like, I just don’t. It’s gross. I pick everything up with forks and tongs and just do a ton of dishes. Case in point? One of my crockpot chickens.

dec7 003 So needless to say it should be interesting when meal prep comes around this weekend.

Here’s hoping I’m home alone so no one needs to witness this.

Is this where I say a little prayer to the Martha Stewart gods for help?!

… Probably. I just hope she hears them.

  1. Christina B. says:

    Raw meat is NOT my favorite to touch either, which is why I have a special pair of purple “chicken gloves”. Consider it! :O)

  2. Blegh I hate raw turkey and chicken too. I have NO problem with raw beef or pork but poultry gives me the heebie-jeebies. At least you’ll get it all done in one day?? haha!

  3. I really like it when individuals get together and share ideas. Great site, stick with it!

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