Off Day For Sure

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

I can tell the week is drawing to a close.

I slept like a rock last night, but know if I hit off on the alarm and closed my eyes I would have slept for at least another few hours…. even after almost NINE hours of sleep. No pee break either! What’s up with that?!

Woke up feeling groggy a few minutes before the alarm regardless and sleepily set up the coffee pot and plopped myself onto the couch to eat breakfast and flip through my emails and all that crap.


Once I finally dragged myself out the door… and yes… dragged is the word…. I made it to the gym… and dragged my butt in there.

It was shoulders and quads and a short cardio day. You know… my favorite… yet I was still just not feeling it.

On my last shoulder day I FINALLY got 50’s up for shoulder press again.Yes I had a spot to get them up at first and only got 3 out of 4 reps done but yeah, hells yes right? Today I was struggling to get 45’s up and 4 reps with that. I know there is always going to be mentally tough days… and physically tough days. I admit my that while my wrist was feeling really great the last week it’s been pretty achy. No fun.

So yeah… just totally one of those days. After I got ready for work I grabbed a coffee and headed off. Honestly… bad day. I was screamed at. Newsflash buddy, saying that you understand it’s NOT me but then continuing to curse and scream does not make me feel any better. I do not own nor do I have access to a time machine. I can’t help what happened, but I can fix it. If you’re too stupid to let me help you then well you deserve to be angry.

Ugh. Some people’s children!

I know I had more intelligent things to say tonight… I had an interesting few emails come in today that I really wanted to look into but honestly, I feel like a total zombie. I really think it’s time I rounded up the critters and headed to bed.

… yes…. critter plural. Now instead of just the fritz, I’ve been waking up to both cats on the bed. Crazy cat lady status here I come.

In the meantime… wtf is up with this?!

photo (27) Is it just me or is my hair out of control!?

I seriously have only had ONE minor trim since um… the beginning of my last peak week. You know, at the first of JULY. Eek.

I’m really up in the air on it. I’m kind of enjoying the ponytail. Mostly for the whole gym convenience thing…. and my laziness…. but I also have a full board on pinterest of short styles. I’m pretty sure there’s a “okay, how short am I chopping my hair off” post coming up in oh…. about 7 or 8 weeks just in time for show time… but until then. Ugh. Ponytail time.

Who needs tshirt time?!

  1. I think your hair looks awesome!! I wish I could get away with not trimming for almost a year and have it look like that! As it is mine looks totally out-of-control like a week after a trim. Nature of the beast I suppose.

  2. I think your hair looks adorable!

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