Coupon High

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s no secret becoming a crazy coupon lady in Canada is totally NOT the same thing as in the US. Without super coupon days and store coupons and all that jazz the savings just aren’t the same… and that just makes me kind of sad.

Being cheap is my favorite thing ever. Why should the country I live in dictate that I can only be cheap in the sales way, not in the crazy coupon way?

I had my first little taste of couponing a few weeks ago when I got my juice for FREEEEEEEEEE. Sure it was free and clear, but still, it didn’t take much effort.

But today? oh today….

I went to the gym and had a great workout, like totally awesome. Everything just felt on. I was full of energy, strong and just in my zone.

I knocked out my cardio and headed to the drugstore to cash in my coupons.

Let’s just say whoever becomes my dentist once my insurance kicks in 6 weeks from now will be happy I coupon!

I had a coupon for a 1$ crest pro mouthwash which was on sale for 4.99$…. and I had a coupon for the matching dental floss FREE with the mouthwash purchase.

That’s right folks. I saved 4.99 in coupons…. plus the 4$ savings on the sale price of the mouthwash.

Yup. I’m a giant loser. Deal with it. It’s my weekend, I’ve got nothing exciting going on.

Oh well…. I guess except this.

photo (30) photo (31)

Um yeah…. Three meals into the day.



After I picked mom up we also went apartment stalking in my prime (soon to be!) ‘hood.

Sitting outside one, i call the phone listed and ask all the questions, it sounds good and ask to see it. She asks when and I reply with “anytime!”

“…. are you sitting outside my house?”

Yes I most certainly am! It was gorgeous, but just slightly above my price range. I’m not so sure how I feel about paying more, even with a DISHWASHER and a washer dryer… oh and a claw foot tub, bay window and you know… a working fireplace.

A dishwasher people… think of all the money I could spend on manicures knowing I wouldn’t ruin them with dishpan hands!!

capclassic 008 Regardless, I have two more (heritage!!) buildings to see, both with bay windows which pretty much complete my dream home in my head.

I can already see Fritz stretched out in a big bay window sunning himself and people watching as only Fritz can do.

aug 23 002 So crossing my fingers! Here’s hoping!

Now to go batten down the hatches…. snowfall warning is in effect and people be talking like it’s going to be nuts!

Seriously? It’s 15cm of snow. This is winter. In canada. Suck it up.

  1. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I pinned your abs!

    Be careful with the coupons…they take over easily. Trust me! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth says:

    You seriously look AMAZING!

  3. OMG your abs! ahhh you look SO amazing!

    And that apartment sounds absolutely amazing. Oh my gosh. I would be SORELY freakin’ tempted too!!

  4. That is three meals into your day?! Holy shit!! You are seriously so inspirational between that and your couponing! 😉

  5. Which is, when they click on your own free voucher code present, they will have a coupon code, they’ll be also sent straight to the web retailer they’ve got decided to secure a discount for, along with, most significantly, you are going to get paid regarding pointing online traffic to that on the net service provider. To be able My spouse and i mentioned in the past, it’s not at all just simply a predicament regarding offering apart coupons regarding cost-free, no never

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