For Anyone Thinking They Cant Do Better

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Life got in the way…. Big time.

I’ve got the prep Q&A started, but my new plan since I did get more questions than I was expecting is to simply tackle one or two questions a day on top of my usual blah blah blah-ing… that way A) I still get to keep up with my prep rambling and B) When I run out of things to ramble about, I can answer questions.

That means more Becca. Come on, win/win people.

Yesterday marked 8 weeks out. Which means 8 weeks from today I will be chowing down on birthday cake and mimosas. Or you know, bacon and cheese. Either way I’d be happy.

But really time flies when you’re eating steak and eggs?

Starting today I began my new “leaning out” diet.

Leaning out? Ummm… wtf have I been doing since November 28th? You know, besides busting my ass. I will admit I stepped on the scale and I’m down about 20lbs and sitting around 5lbs over my stage weight last July. Not bad…. not bad.

Progress photos were of course taken. Left is 10 weeks out, right is 8 weeks. The changes they are a coming. I heard back from the coach and um… words were said about my progress that I never ever ever thought would be said about me.

Not only am I on track… I may actually be…. slightly ahead of schedule as the big changes should start happening with my new diet. How frickin’ awesome is THAT?!


No, that does not mean I’m going to sit back on my heels and rest up and relax prep. Far from it. If anything it’s time to try and keep lifting heavier, pushing cardio and being extra careful with my meal plan and timing. It’s on.

feb 11 rt side feb 25 rt side

feb 11 frontfeb 25 ft

I am apparently a freak (… tell me something I don’t know…) and am leaning out backwards to how most women do, bottom to top. The legs are coming, the ABS are even coming, but my arms.. ugh my arms.

Slight changes were made to the training plan to hopefully bring some changes to the arms and upper body. We shall see. Nothing I can do other than keep pushing and striving to go just a little harder and heavier.

Although I’m already pushing 50lb db’s for shoulder press so not really sure how much further I can go on that, but there is always ways to improve.

Just for a little comparison. For anyone who thinks they can’t make changes in a a year or truly change their body.

Last July when I stepped on stage I was so happy with how I looked, I had made the changes I wanted to make and was so proud of myself. But honestly, I stepped off the stage wondering where to go from there. What could I possibly do now, what was next and how did I get there?

So I had my offseason. From July 15th to November 28th. I ate relatively clean, I indulged in treats, had some wine, went through some stressful and crazy life changes…. but most importantly I put one foot in front of the other and pushed harder and harder in the gym.

In the words of my favorite commercial… I lifted things up and put them down.

Over. And over. And over.

Yes, I admit I gained more fat that I was hoping for, but honestly it was just a number on a scale and a slightly tighter fit to my jeans than expected. I was lifting heavier, feeling better and making changes far bigger than I ever expected. For some reason I never gave up, even when I was feeling like a failure in every other part of my life I was in the gym doing work.

And now… 8 weeks out from Atlantics I can say that those weeks and months in the gym paid off. Below you have July 7th on the left. That was the beginning of my peak week for my last show vs 8 weeks out from Atlantics on the right. Both photos are within a pound or two of each other… but the difference in my look? Yes. It’s there and it’s pretty clear.

No, none of this happened overnight, but if you’re consistent and do work it WILL happen, you just need to be patient and have faith. The body is a miraculous thing.

  july 2 front feb 25 ft

july 2 sidefeb 25 rt side

Who knew the former fat kid had it in her?

Honestly deep down I don’t know if I ever believed i could do this. Or I guess I never sat myself down and said “you know what Becca, You are capable of so much more”. Obviously I never gave up so something told me i could…. one thing is for sure I’m pretty damn happy I never let a bad day, a bad workout or a negative comment get me down and out.

The proof is in the pictures, if you do work, you get results.

Who knew?

  1. Sandra says:

    Wow, what a change you’ve made just in the last couple of weeks! You can really tell in your legs and abs. Nice job Becca!! Can’t wait to see you on stage.

  2. Congratulations Becca on all the changes you have made in the last few weeks! Once again you’re inspiring me to keep working hard so I can accomplish my goals. Reading your blog seriously keeps me going some times!

  3. Louise says:

    I really love your blog. You are amazing what you are doing but you have to be careful that you don’t yoyo 20 pound differences. For long term health it is not good for you. I love following you, but be careful with yourself. You look amazing! ps nutriionist and mom of four girls…

  4. dotsie says:

    you look great, becca! hard work does pay off! 😉 rock on!

  5. Wow you look seriously amazing. I actually had a lot of questions for you (that I may just ask via email). My cross country coach and I have been chatting about weight and perhaps changing body types a little bit to a more muscular versus just lean (basically can I be you when I grow up). Anyways-you look great and I’m so excited that you are getting so far!

  6. Tenecia says:

    Congrats woman! You did the work and now you are reaping the rewards!! Being ahead of schedule looks good on ya! 🙂


  7. Tara says:

    You look amazing, and I can really see a difference from two weeks ago. Well done!!

  8. Julie says:

    Wow! You are doing so great!!! And thank you for this post, it’s just what I needed to hear, er read.

  9. Lisa says:

    Legs and abs, totally leaning out, way to go! Thinking maybe some ab veins popping out? I’ll never ever in my life see that on me, but I think it’s too cool. Yes, dork. Great job girl, you’re killing it. I can’t imagine how awesome you’re going to look when you hit that stage!!

  10. You look AMAZING Becca & you are SUCH an inspiration!!!!

  11. You look freaking AWESOME and this was just the type of post I needed to read today!!!!

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