So I Roasted a Turkey…. Prep Meal Followup

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

First off…. I know I live in Canada but wow mother nature… this week. Seriously?

photo (40)

Twice this week I had to dig the car out from under a bunch of snow. Saturday we had torrential rains. Today it was 6 degrees.

I’m so confused.

Anyway. Friday I picked up my friend mr turkey.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early (aka 8am) for breakfast…. and to plop mr turkey in the oven. Around 9:30 I got ansty while my usual partner in crime was… being his usual self.

photo (35)

Yes… what a gentleman.

On the plus side of living at home… and having a super supportive family… my mother told me to take off for the gym and she would watch mr turkey while I did my thing. So as I did my workout, got in my cardio and ran a few errands mom was home making sure the house didn’t burn down. Just as I got home she proclaimed he was about 30 minutes from being finished so I cleaned myself up, washed some tupperwear and prepped the rest of my next meal. As soon as the turkey came out, I hacked off a few oz to add to my veggies and chowed down.

photo (36)

I did a delicious job! … which was what I proclaimed and recieved a nasty look from the mother for. I quickly retracted that and replaced it with WE made a delicious turkey. Teamwork people! I put it in the oven and remove myself to keep from burning the house down. Win win.

…. and in case you were wondering, Fritz was a little upset that I didn’t trust him with the turkey watch, so he went and sulked in the closet… aka his new cat cave with one of Griffin’s/Stella’s stuffed dogs. What a sook.

photo (38) 

And now… to finish up (FINALLY!) the follow up questions from my prep meal post mid last week!

Oats before bed? Shouldn’t they be consumed earlier in the day for energy?

Sable actually answered this one really well in the comments section.

Layne Norton actually wrote a really great article on that this week which Sable linked to. It’s considered carb backloading and some people swear by it, some people swear off it. I’m personally a huge fan.

All of my earlier meals of the day are much smaller and closer spaced together (like an hour to hour and a half apart) while my evening meals are spaced 2 hours apart and are my bigger (with starchy carb) meals. I do eat fruit in the morning though.

This way of eating is loosely based on the caveman style diet, which is basically where the cavemen spent the day hunting and then came home in the evening to cook and eat their main meals. Where I do work evenings and train earlier in the day I love this and it works for me. I don’t feel stuffed in the morning while training, and am satisfied and happy at night at work.

If I were a vegetarian would you give up dairy?

This is a toughy for me… mostly because well, to be honest I’m a meat eater through and through. I guess if I was to give up meat, there is a good chance I would be open to giving up dairy regardless, especially if I did still keep eating fish and eggs. I’ve noticed huge differences in my body since giving up dairy, I’m sure it’s a combination of things, but a decision I’m happy with. I can say that even after prep there is a very good chance I will be much more conscious about the amount of dairy I consume and add greek yogurt back in but very very sparingly.

So there you have it… the follow up. Nothing huge, but hey, if there is anything else, ask away!

Happy Monday to all of you heading back to work… and Happy work day Tuesday to me. Here’s hoping for a fast work week leading up to the SIX WEEK OUT mark saturday.

The parentals have their tickets ordered, team clothing is being discussed and yeah… it’s REAL. OMG

  1. CarliAlice says:

    Thanks so much for answering my question! I don’t really like meat and am trying to decide if I should keep eating dairy. A huge vice for me!

    I love it when cats lay on their backs. They think their people!

  2. Finally someone understands about this crazy ass north weather. Snow, rain, 40 degrees, 5….I don’t get it.

    I have actually been doing some carb backloading and seeing if it works out well for me. I’ve only started since I talked to you last but I seemed to having a lot more energy in the morning!

  3. I just bought a turkey to roast for my meals this week, exciting!! I’m so over winter this year, it’s been so mild that every time it snows even a little bit now it pisses me off.

  4. arelis says:

    recently i been eating a lot of diary on my diet. and i been feeling very bloated could it be from the diary?

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