Polar Bear Sized Goals

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Truth be told my “main” goals for my prep this time around have already been met. Yes, at 6 weeks out I couldn’t ask for more.

Well okay, I AM asking for more. Just because I feel like I’m heading 100% in the right direction, there are a few things I want to focus on to really kick ass in the last six weeks. These are all things I tend to “think about” but never really enforce or talk about on the blog because well… it’s just details.

The biggest one?


Working evenings has been a bit… tough on my schedule. Next week I actually begin my new shift and I will be starting even later, some nights not getting off work until 11pm, which means it’ll be midnight before I get home and into bed.

Problem with this? I’m a morning person. Six weeks out is REALLY not the time to be trying to retrain my mind and body, but I really have no choice. My main focus will be getting into a groove/routine asap with training/cardio, work and the blog… as well as my meal prep, family time and  Becca time.

Oh and you know, fitting in apartment viewings and quite possibly moving. Awesome. I love moving.

july 27 001 The second one?

Babying my body

Yup. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Unfortunately my insurance doesn’t kick in at work for another 4 weeks, and it kills me to admit it, but I could really use it.

I’ve mentioned it in passing that I’ve been having some soreness in my wrist. Truth be told, that’s the understatement of the year. Not only is it the actual wrist, but the tendons between the two bones in my forearm (which is what I’ve had physio for in the past).

Basically a few things in the gym put my bum wrist in an unnatural position and it causes strain. Especially when I’m pushing the weights as much as I can trying to build up any shape I can while I lean out. We’ve made adjustments to my plan and it’s helped… but every now and then it’s just… not good. I’ve been taking joint supplements, religiously using voltaren AND voltaren joint care and doing my old physio exercises…. the key will be to keep this up and make any adjustments I can whenever the pain starts.

n509844661_297923_1908 Also in line with babying myself. Making sure I keep making time for post workout/cardio stretching (been doing good!) and once or twice a week a long hot bath soak would be really good, even if only for the mental health/relaxation benefits.

Basically it’s time to focus on the small things, the details and enjoying the last few weeks. I’ve been working my butt off… and will continue too, but this is when I feel like I need to remind myself to slow down, enjoy the process and take a deep breath.

Oh…. and not forget the BIGGEST goal of all courtesy of the wonderful SIL Gillian.


Just a few FYI facts… since I’m Canadian lets go with a Polar Bear just for the cliche LOLS.

Adult male polar bears weight between 775 and 1, 200 lbs

Adult females 330 to 650 lbs

A cub weighs about 10 lbs

A polar bear can swim about 80km in ice cold water (beat THAT Hollie)

So I guess I’m somewhere between a cub and an (exceptionally) small adult female.

I have zero intentions of ever doing a polar bear dip, or of swimming 80meters let alone 80km.

But, a girl’s gotta have goals right?!

What are your mini goals?!

  1. Christina B. says:

    Today my mini goal is to get out of work at 6PM so that I can get my workout in a little earlier than usual so I can pack for my trip to FL tomorrow!

    Next week I’ll be traveling for work, so my mini goal there is to stay on track while on the road. This is more like a mini challenge!

    You’re doing great and you’ll get there!


  2. Julie says:

    Oh sleep!!! I am like you, a morning person through and through; however, getting up early meant earlier nights. People think I’m crazy when I say I go to bed at 7:30-8sih, but I don’t care, I still want my nine hours of bliss!!

    You totally got this, you’ve done the work and it will all come together. And p.s. you should print that polar bear drawing on a shirt. It would be AWESOME!

  3. This post makes me super happy. I’m glad your training is going so well. I often have that problem as well (of babying my body). You are going to really do well at this competition I think.

  4. Ahh be super careful with that wrist! Do you use wraps when you lift? They can definitely help force you to keep your wrists straight haha!

  5. sglgirl says:

    Good luck with the work schedule. I work a rotating 3 week shift with one week being 1pm-930pm and there are nights when I find it so hard to stay awake to work until 930, seriously. Then there are two mornings in that week that I am up at 4:15am to open the gym for 5:30am. The other weeks I work it is not too bad because it is usually a 9am-ish start unless I am opening the gym, then I start at 930am. I still stay consistent with my training time in the AM on my evening shift week…..so I am up at 5:30am each and everyday of that week. It is tough to be all over the board and stay consistent and get the needed sleep.

  6. Sleep is definitely something I have come to really, really LOVE! I get between 8 and 9 hours of sleep on a good night and it still doesn’t feel like enough. Strange considering when I was getting this amount of sleep (before interrupting the routine) it was perfect and I was getting up with my alarm no problem. Anyways… maybe you’ll have to get a daily nap in if you go into work even later now?

    Good luck on the apartment hunting!!

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