Friday Reminder

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Uncategorized


You all know exactly where I found this.

I needed that kick.

After last night I went to bed and had crazyyyyy dreams all night. Like beyond words. Just puzzling ones that I can’t work out. And no, they weren’t prep related (there was box wine, moose tracks in a parking lot and not one, but TWO ex bf’s. Try and figure THAT one out), just weird.

Automatically when I woke up I got going, packed my meals for the day, made coffee, had breakfast and got my stuff ready to go. I’m on the road all day, starting with viewing two apartments at 9am and I have decided that one of them will be MY FUTURE HOME. The power of positive thinking right?

Then it’s birthday cake planning, errands, a quick stop at the mall and of course the gym.

I may have had a rough night last night, but I’m not down, I’m not out. This girl is keeping true to her word and is fully intending to make 2012 my bitch this year. There’s no if’s and but’s about it. I’ve got this.

bitch No cranky mood is changing that. You can bet your butt that.

Happy Friday everyone, I know mine will be.


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