So Heres My Issue

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

…. would you like those in alphabetical order? haha

okay, I’m dieting so I feel like that gives me reason (in my head) to rant about anything i want. And if there is one thing i love to rant about on my blog it’s… the weather.

“I’m too hot”

“I’m too cold”

“I want snow”

“Screw you mother nature, where is summer?”

So yesterday things were looking mighty nice outside and I swung open the front door to check out the scene… as did my sidekick as usual.

photo (53)

It was absolutely gorgeous, which was confirmed when I got in the car to  head to work.

photo (52)

Ummmm…. a week ago I was in Uggs and there was a negative in front of the number.


So what’s my issue? Clearly this pasty white chick could use some sunshine. The problem is my feet. This sudden summer like weather means my toenail polish is chipped and pretty sad looking. I can’t wear my beloved flip flops. This makes me sad.

My mission for the weekend is to fix this situation… I’m sure just in time for one last snow storm of the season, but yeah, you know.

This morning my parents would have woken up to this sight in the kitchen.


photo (51)  I have not spoken to either of them yet, but I’m pretty sure they see this as a warning.

Four weeks out and turkey is buy one get one free? You bet your ass there will be two purchases and two free in the next 7 days to last me the remainder of prep. Thankfully I get my place on the 1st so it looks like the only thing that will be in my freezer will be turkey but yeah… Free turkey. Be still my heart.

In  other news… I’m tired. This week at work has been hell. Like really really really bad. People are just RUDE. Normally it doesnt bother me but when it’s one after another… after another… ugh. Pain in my (shrinking) ass let me tell you.

Which leads me to my last totally random tangent of the day. On sunday Gilllian and I have a table at the local flea market. Some of the girls in town get together to swap/sell their clothing a few times a year. I’m finally admitting it’s time to accept and admit how much weight I have lost, prep or not a lot of my clothing will never fit again and it’s time to get rid of it (… possibly to buy some new flip flops?)

I started digging and trying on stuff yesterday and umm… I finally admit my favorite boyfriend jeans (which I bought at the LAST clothing sale! HA) will be back on the table and going to a new home.

photo (48)

They were comfy in offseason when I admitedly got a little too chub…. so yeah… With no intentions of that happening this year my pants are going… going… gone… (or they’ll just be going going going gone down to my ankles…)

So there you have my totally random Thursday mumbles… I need a pedicure… spring is here… turkey is free… pants falling off.

Just your everyday weird Becca.

Am I the only one who has issues tossing old clothes?

  1. My jeans are going to look like that soon. Mark my words.

    Thanks for inspiring me for today! Be back tomorrow, lol!

  2. I have issues with tossing clothes that once fit before I gained weight. I want to be able to wear them again. But someone brought up the thought that wouldn’t I want to buy new clothes in a smaller size, not wear old ones? Maybe it is time that I get rid of those old smaller clothes…we’ll see I guess.

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  4. Maybe the 3 closets and 1 large dresser is a good indication of how difficult it is for me to get rid of clothes…’s not just you.

  5. Lisa says:

    Yes, good girl, toss that crap!! I totally need a pedi too. I didn’t wear sandles today and I really wanted to! =(

  6. You have inspired me to add a turkey to my meal prep this week! I am in a chicken rut, and I think moving onto another feathered friend might be the way to go.

    And OMG those jeans look huge!!! I can’t believe you were wearing them in the offseason. Way to go!

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