Sweat to Street…. Gym Ban Edition

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Uncategorized


That’s right folks… gym people wear real clothes too.

On occasion.

I really really really meant to snap a photo in my fav jeans and heels friday when I was all girlie and stuff. You know, totally not like myself… but what’s the point in showing me being someone I only appear to be once or twice a year?

Let’s do this sweat to street legit this week. Real Becca, real life.

The sweat photo was taken very early in the week… before the gym ban. I’ve worn jeans TWO DAYS IN A ROW now. This is huge people. I admit I feel…. Good.

photo (46)

Blue Tank: Forever21… of course

Green Sports Bra: Vintage La Senza Spirit line

Extreme Loud Shorts: Lululemon Run Fast… Speed Short.. whatever they’re called

Sneaks: Nike Free’s of course!

Blue Watch: Swatch

Muscles: Years of hard work

The Street is at the end of a running around Saturday. I spent the morning double roasting turkeys, hanging with the family who stopped in and being a general lazy bum. I threw this outfit on to hit up the Irving Nature Park beach for a long walk and a chill afternoon uptown drinking coffee on a park bench in the sun. It was so relaxing and wonderful, no thoughts of “must get to gym, must rest, must do this, that and everything”. I was just… Me, the girl who likes to spend her free time outside, near the water…. with Coffee.

photo (62)   Striped TShirt: Garage

Blue Hoodie: Old Fit Lululemon Scuba Hoodie

Green Vest: Old Navy

Jeans: American Eagle BF Fit…. my fave!

Silver Belt: American Eagle

Sneaks: Converse… gifted from Gillian! ❤

Purple Wristlet: Coach

Sunglasses: D&G

If it’s not clear I have no issues spending a bit of cash on higher end stuff that will last like my accessories… Purses, shoes, jewlery is all stuff that A) Can be worn wear after year if you go classic B) Usually fits no matter on season or off.

… That doesn’t mean most of my “bigger ticket” items don’t come from long time saving up/outlets/sample sales… but hey, it is what it is!

What was your favorite outfit of the week?!

  1. Considering I worked 3 days this week which means business casual dress I would say the outfit I wore on Monday was my favorite simply because I received compliments. I wore a pair of black heels, gouchos (spelling?), and a shirt that’s a fake tank top with a loose sweater type thing attached. I’ll need to take a picture I think so it makes sense more. 🙂

  2. I love your ‘street’ look. my kind of style. Cuz its got jeans and i know its comfy.
    “years of hard work”?? I’m trying. haha. years though? haha. Well least my bicep finally popped up.

  3. hahaha I totally have days where I never get out of sweatpants 😉 But i do like dressing up!

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