When Never Means Never

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Back when I started with Dr Joe for prep 2 and a half years ago I thought I had solved all of my diet issues.

… and essentially in a way he did. With the style of prep I had I was able to eat whatever I wanted as long as it fit into my macros. I got decent results and really learned that food is not the enemy, there are no “good and bad” foods, and portion size is key.

june 6 003

I swore that this diet style was the way to go for me. Nothing would ever change and that was that. I would NEVER go back to a set meal plan.

Well…. Obviously that has changed. This prep has  been  much different, I made the decision to work with a new coach, and begin a set meal plan, which involved cutting out dairy, wheat and eating off a list of approved foods.

photo (66)

Changing my view on foods reversed my “never ever” and I admit it was beyond the right thing to do (for me… which I will get into as prep draws closer) and I’m so happy I was able to make the decision to try this.

While my food was one of two “nevers” I said I would never back down on, the other one is one I can safely guarantee will never change.

I got an email two weeks about about this, and yesterday had a (repeated) comment from a friend. Now that I am no longer competing with the IDFA, which is fully tested and drug free, will I now start using the “special vitamins”.

picture 3 Simple answer? No. Never. Come on, I even have trouble remembering to take my multi and other vitamins, and don’t even take pre-workout or any fancy supplements. I don’t like how they make me feel, I don’t like having to pop “mommy’s little helper” to get through a workout.

This journey has never been about a trophy or glory or anything like that. Yes, I admit I DO want to improve myself to hopefully one day place top five, but is that the ultimate goal? No. It’s definitely not. But if the day comes that I feel I need to stick a needle in my behind to keep going or win is the day I hang up my stripper shoes for good. (… and I’m not crying wolf on retirement in that case).

I get that it’s common place to take mild… or not so mild… helpers in the bodybuilding community. Personally it’s not for me. It’s never even crossed my mind. Have I educated myself on them? Yes, but I love to read about anything fitness related, and it’s better to say no with a firm reason about side effects and info than just “no, I don’t know what that even does nor do I care”. Was a huge selling point on my new team that there is no using? Most certainly. I completely appreciate how open my coach was with me about turning down other athletes who either did like the special vitamins or wanted to use them. Not only am I a natural athlete, but knowing my teammates are too, and therefore facing the same competition on stage somehow makes things… more awesome.

When it comes down to it, at the end of the day I would rather place dead last on show day and be healthy… and also PROUD of my accomplishments, than know I have a 3$ trophy sitting on my mantel that I won with a cocktail in my system stronger than any patient at the hospital.

JAN 22 025 My lifestyle isn’t about winning or being skinny or going to extremes year round. To me competing is just another step in my journey to being the best Becca I can be…. and that Becca is fit, healthy… and just mildly crazy.

So when it comes to staying natural or following the trend and seeing what can help me out…. I’m sticking to my never here.

To come as far as I have, not just in this prep, but in the last 3 years with my views toward food, exercise and health is something to be proud of in itself… but to know that I did this with nothing more than the help of good coaches, a good support system and a ton of time, heart and effort is something to be proud of…. and I’m not going to compromise that to be a “winner” in the eyes of a panel of judges.

  1. sglgirl says:

    I went out this morning and bought me two turkeys, the change from chicken sounded good, but dont get me wrong, there will be cooked chicken kicking in my fridge as well. I am glad to hear that your new team does not support any special supplements, as I too am not into that. I am already hypothyrodism and do not want to put anything in me that could affect my medications now and screw me for huge weight issues in the future. Hell I have not knowingly had anything with full caffeine in 2.5 years, decaf coffee is as caffeinated as this girl goes.

  2. Interesting and I 100% agree. I think that is extremely awesome that you aren’t going that route and you look amazing either week! Less then 4 weeks out and I can’t wait to see how you do. 🙂

  3. redkeeney says:

    Hi Becca – just found your blog and hope you don’t mind if I use you as inspiration 🙂 I’m 11 weeks out from my next bikini comp.

    Totally agree with you on staying natural. I don’t feel the need to use a “little helper” to get me through training – Just good old fashioned hard work!

  4. I think you look amazing and I’m a total cynic when it comes to “supplements,” and other helpers…but I don’t have enough time or room to write it all out here 🙂 And, I don’t want to bore you!

  5. Wow. We should put you on a megaphone and ride around my gym. Thank you. My gym is soooo competition oriented and almost ALL take “enhancers”.

    It’s so annoying. I’ve always considered the natural athletes the most hardcore and real. Isn’t that supposed to be what fitness is all about?!

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